Caerus Mid in Brother Blue for Fivics Titan EX4

Designed for Olympic recurve shooters, the Caerus borrows elements from Hoyt’s great grip designs and adds details that make the hand sit comfortably on one position only. The throat of the grip is reinforced on the thumb side and skinny on the index finger side, to “fill” the webbing properly and give you a hint on the correct angle, while the palm pressure area is flat at the bottom, curving towards the top.


Configuration in stock:

  • Riser: Fivics Titan EX4
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Brother Blue
  • Angle: Mid (38°)          
  • Handedness: Right-handed (you grip the bow with the left hand)
  • Anti-slip palm pattern: No-pattern
  • : No


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