About R-Core

Being both a decorated archer for more than 17 years and having worked mainly in automotive design software companies, I find great pleasure designing archery parts for almost any purpose.

The fruits of this labor of love, is a series of bow grips, which, tested by fellow archers in national clubs around the EU (and some overseas as well) proved to serve their purpose much better than their stock counterparts.

For each design that made it to the website, hundreds of iterations and research was put in, but the result is absolutely worth it!

The designs of the offered grips have all been battle tested and approved from all archery ranks. From weekend archers to high-achieving pros, everyone shared their feedback, crystallizing only after MANY iterations of the base designs.

The fab factor of course is a big part of archery (more for some than others) and for this, I have collected the best colors to match any style.

Custom” is the key word though. All grips come in Low/Mid/High and if you already have something in mind for a grip you’d love, we’d be more than happy to make your ideal grip come true

Yours in archery,

Aris Korbetis, RCore.co

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