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‘The Master’ grip in lowered price and same day shipping

As the name explains, this is pretty much your standard grip. It has a very slightly accented lifeline, does not have any thumb placement helpers
and it is not far from what you would get from your stock grip.
The Standard is based on the Spigarelli wooden grip, which is an all-around pretty good base to build upon.
Fits all kinds of palms except the very big ones (you need the K.T.E.E.N.O.S for that kind of palm!)
If your thumb base is very fleshy, you might want to skip to either the Tax Evasion, or the Master too.
Small hands ? The best choice, along with the Master.

The Master is a designer favorite here and has probably gone through the most iterations. Our club shoots mostly Masters. It offers a repeatable
placement with its palm area and accented lifeline ridge and is also awesome for barebow in lower profiles as it offers equal support to the palm
when string walking (thus changing the pressure on highs and lows of the palm).

Big palms, here you go! The K.T.E.E.N.O.S (Greek for B.E.A.S.T) is a flat, wide area to rest your palm. Usually comes flat (no slant) and with a thumb
positioner helper, to make sure you keep your 45 degree angle of your knuckles. Best for recurve, rather than barebow, in the higher profiles,
makes sure you do not cant the bow.

It is not about money! It is about keeping errors away! And the Tax Evasion does exactly this, by providing a very defined lifeline, which, along
on your palm physique, places the hand at the exact same spot for every shot. Still it allows your index and thumb to go into the bow and hug the
riser, allowing to do the “point with the thumb to the target” for perfect bone alignment.

Designed for olympic recurve shooters, the Caerus borrows elements from Hoyt’s great grip designs and adds details that make the hand sit comfortably on one position only.
The throat of the grip is reinforced on the thumb side and skinny on the index finger side, to “fill” the webbing properly and give you a hint on the correct angle, while the palm pressure area is flat at the bottom, curving towards the top.


Big, fleshy, fat hands? Go for K.T.E.E.N.O.S or Tax evasion. Mid sized? Get a Master. Small hands ? You are in the Master/Standard range.
Shooting barebow/stringwalking ? Considering the above, a Master or Tax evasion would help best to even out the difference in pressure when string walking.


I have a Gillo riser, what you would suggest for me?

Considering the above, if you feel your current Gillo grip lacks support at the bottom of the palm, you probably want to go for a KTEENOS or Tax Evasion. If you feel that it lacks definition on the top, though, you might want to go for the master.

The Gillo grip has a zero palm slant. 

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