Warm to the touch, wood is a natural material.

American Walnut

Greek Walnut





Hard and transparent, the glass material adds class.
Antislip is done either by hex patterns or microstipple.

Brother Blue

Kryptonite Green

Alien spit Green

What's the Deal Teal

Liquid Sky Cyan

Blood Popsicle Red

Mad Genda

Perfect Stranger

A touch of Tee

Jurassic Amber

The answer is...


While plastic is an underrated material, it provides a warm feeling and rich colours.

Boring black

Eyes of Hades black

Epic purple

Cobalt Poison blue

Ultramarine blue

Starry Night blue

Sky Limit blue

Turkey Eyes

Summer Wine red

Sparkly red

Ancient bronze

Dog $ht Brown

Wood Hair beige

Frog King Skin

The Green R-O

Traffic Light green

Electron Scope green

Leche de Lizzzard green

Hellboy rot

Herring red

Lava orange

Unicorn Poop pink

Ken pink

Bacterial Yellow