Bulk orders for clubs

A cheap club riser wants some love too! 


Do you own/manage an Archery Club and want to give the ability to your archers to find their perfect grip ?

The “Club Bundles” are product bundles that contain our different styles and heights of our grips for one riser brand. Usually club risers belong to the cheaper end of the spectrum but they need some love too!

So, since every club has different needs, we customise the bundles to fit as many or as few grip styles and heights you want. And all this, comes with a heavily reduced price. 

An example from an already shipped out bundle, is a 12 pack which contains the following:

[table id=1 /]

The grips come in a variety of prime colors (red, green, blue, yellow) depending on their type and the total price for the above bundle is $250.


Supported entry-level risers

We support almost all the cheap risers currently available for sale, like Samick, Core, Kap, Decut, WNS, Cartel, Stark, Infinitec, Krossen and Kinetic to name but a few. 

And every grip comes with perfect fit to the riser.


These are not one-size-fits-all grips.

Each design is precisely build for the specific riser, resulting in a perfect, tight and secure fit

Build quality is not compromised as these grips see heavy usage from all kinds of archery skills. 

Interested in a Club Bundle? 

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