Try R-Core Bow Grips at Your Club!

At R-Core we are very confident we offer the best bow grip designs but we also think the best way to find out how great our grips are is to try them yourself!

So we want to make our grips available to as many archers as possible to get a feel of them and test them first hand, literally. 

Having a range of grips for the archers to properly test them is a service that a club can offer for free to its members. So R-Core can provide such a test bundles to Clubs that have more than 50 active members, for free. We are confident that our products will be the best ambassadors for our brand.


What a Club Bundle Includes

Each Club Bundle contains a colorful mixture of 6 distinct R-Core bow grips in the most common combination, all crafted from plastic:

The Master: A versatile grip with minimal torque, ensuring consistent hand placement.

K.T.E.E.N.O.S: a flat, slightly slanted grip with a wide palm resting space and a narrower throat. Ideal for large hands and a great fit for recurve risers.

The Bumblebee: A slim grip adaptable to varying force application techniques, featuring a rounded lifeline and gentle curves. Perfect for smaller hands.

CAERUS: this grip is mainly targeted to recurve archers and has an accented pressure point in the center of the grip, flattening lower on the palm.

IAM Barebow: Engineered with a notably low wrist for barebow string walking, this grip has a flat shape and sharp edges for consistent placement in the hand, and a thumb placer on the top. No lifeline ridge, but the sharp edge aids precise positioning.

IAM Recurve: Slightly narrower than the Hoyt Grip, it maintains a resemblance. With a flat, narrow profile and sharp lifeline edge, coupled with a thumb placer.


How Your Club Can Get Our Grips

We want to make sure our grips go where they are supposed to, so here’s what you need to do:

Tell us about your Club: Your Club officials should fill in a form (click here) to request the Bundle and provide us with some information about your club (Club’s name and location, number of members).

Only One Box for Each Club: We can send only one box of grips to each club, so everyone gets a fair chance to try them. The Club bundle can be designed for your most frequently used riser, provided that we do support it.

Help With Shipping: Your club needs to pay for the shipping cost to get the box. It’s not much, but it helps us send grips to as many Clubs as possible. We ship worldwide through UPS or Greek Post.

We only have a limited bundle-sending capacity so don’t delay as we will ship bundles out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For any additional info, don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]!

Shoot straight!



*Club Bundle terms and conditions*

The Club Bundle remains the property of the respective club and is exclusively intended for testing and training purposes.

Individual archers are strictly prohibited from exclusive use of the grips and are not permitted to employ them in any events beyond testing and training. It is explicitly prohibited for an archer to participate in any event while using a Club Bundle grip.

The Club Bundle is designed to facilitate a hands-on trial, allowing potential customers to assess the models for their personal purchases.


Where You can Find an RCore Club Grip Bundle


BSC ARCUS, Austria

Grip bundle tailored for Hoyt and W&W CXT risers.


* Archers Green – White Kassel, Germany

Grip bundle designed for Hoyt risers.


Huskvarna Archery Club, Sweden  

Grip bundle customized for Hoyt risers.


 UC Davis collegiate archery, CA USA

Grip bundle crafted for WNS risers.


Yellow Jacket Archery Club, Georgia USA

Grip bundle crafted for WNS risers.


* X-10 Archery, Houston, Texas U.S.A.

Grip bundle customized for WNS risers. 


Richmond Rod & Gun Club, BC Canada

Grip bundle customized for Hoyt risers.


Bowmen of Wadebridge Archery Club, Cornwall UK

Grip bundle customized for W&W ATF_DX risers.


2020 Archery, London UK

Grip bundle customized for WNS risers. 


Wallingford Castle Archers, UK

Grip bundle tailored for WNS risers.


* Bebington ArchersBirkenhead UK 

Grip bundle tailored for WNS risers.


Cuckfield ArchersCuckfield UK

Grip bundle customized for Hoyt risers.


Arcus Archery Club, Philippines

Grip bundle designed for Fivics Argon-X risers.


*  Arqueros Del MarPeru 

Grip bundle customized for Hoyt risers.


Adelaide Archery Club, South Australia

Grip bundle customized for Hoyt and Mybo risers.


*Winning Archery Club, Hong Kong

Grip bundle tailored for W&W ATF-DX risers.


Pahang Barebow Club and Darul Makmur Archery Academy, Malaysia

Grip bundle tailored for W&W ATF-DX risers.


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Our e-shop will not be accepting new orders between July 20th and August 8th.

All orders placed prior to that date will be completed by July 31st

Our e-shop will resume regular operation on August 9th. 

Thank you for your continued support!