What is the 'anti-slip palm pattern' and the 'lifeline ridge'

The anti-slip palm pattern

For additional traction on your grip, you can add a pyramidal or a hexagonal texture on your grip. 

A texture can be added on all plastic, glass or wooden grips. The available combinations are: 

  • Plastic grip: Pyramidal pattern
  • Glass grip: Pyramidal or Hexagonal pattern
  • Wooden grip: Hexagonal pattern

Note on glass grips, if your hand is not very sweaty or greasy, it is preferable to leave it smooth as it sticks very well. To get an idea of how sticky the glass grip is, you can try sliding your palm on a window glass. 

On glass grips, the pyramidal pattern is 1/4 the size compared to the pyramidal pattern on plastic grips. This makes it behave like skate tape.

If you choose to order your grip without any antislip options, your grip comes with a rhombus sticker and a  laser-cut skate tape. We only use 3M SafeWalk tape. 

Plastic grip with pyramidal pattern

    Glass grip with pyramidal pattern

    Glass grip with hexagonal pattern

Wooden grip with hexagonal pattern

Glass grip with rhombus sticker

(included with grips without any antislip)

Glass grip with a laser-cut skate tape

(included with grips without any antislip)

The lifeline ridge


A life-line ridge is a bump on the left side of the palm area of the grip. This helps with precise placement of the hand as it “pops” into place. 

The main idea is that the ridge is high enough to make its presence noticeable when placing your palm. With only 0.7mm height, you will feel it when it “snaps” in your palm’s lifeline. When on full draw, the lifeline disappears, as it is much thinner than your skin tissue thickness. 

The life-line ridge is available for all plastic, glass and wooden grips.