The Master - High - in Eyes of Hades Black for the Hoyt

An accented ridge for your palm’s life line, which makes sure that your hand sits correctly and the applied force goes straight into the center of the bow and does not create any torsional forces.


Remotely based on the KSL grips, the KTEENOS (Greek for beast) provides you with a thumb positioner on the top of the grip, so you never forget the 45° knuckles placement.

The palm rest is wider than the “Standard’s” and as usual comes in Low/Mid/High.



A standard no-torque grip, with a slightly pronounced life-line ridge to place your palm correctly each time.

Based on the great grips that Spigarelli BB and Zen come with but with the addition of the above features.


Great palm placement, due to the life-line ridge. But enough area to rest the base of the thumb.

Best for archers with not-so-skinny hands.



* All grips are available for any of the risers you will see when you select to customize it and in any of the available colors.

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