Available Glass Colors

A touch of Tee

Tea like, serene and bold. Or chamomile with a spoonful of honey.

Jurassic Amber​

This is where the mosquito was found. And it started a series of “boring dino” action movies.

Perfect Stranger

You can hear Richie Blackmore if you put your ear on it. (it could be “Rainbow” as well)

Mad Genda

It depends. Is it pink, is it purple? Who says so?

Kryptonite Green

Alien spit green

Very rare to find. Very sure that this alien didn’t like you much!

Brother Blue

Reverse and pluralize! This blue is THAT cool!

What's the Deal Teal

It does not match many risers but when it does..

Liquid Sky Cyan

No clouds, no rain on your parade! (As spoken by Barbra!)

The answer is....

Carve for carbs? Take a bite! Lick it! It is sweet, or bitter. Depends on the percentage!