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  1. DW

    Today I received the I AM – Barebow grip for my Spigarelli Revolution, which I tested immediately during today’s training session. I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as comfortable – but that could also be because the Revolution is simply very solidly built – but it sits very well in the hand and almost forces you to grip the bow properly. What’s more, you almost always grip it the same way. Very repeatable. I never had such consistent fits over the entire training session with the original grip. I am thrilled!

  2. RK

    Since I have this grip me and the G1 have become best friends! I was long looking for the right grip because the orginal one was not for me. The wood version of the IAM Kaminski design grip feels really like I was looking for.
    And thanks to the makers of the wooden version of that grip. It was fitting perfectly to the riser. I also like the anti-slip pattern. Now I’m finding the perfect hand position with every shot.

  3. LP

    Excellent grip, works really well on my Mybo Mykan, the Ultramarine blue looks very good with my black riser.

  4. J

    I had trouble with the stock grip on ATX-DX riser. The top was way too thin, and the arrow shelf was digging into my hand. Eventually my index was numbed. I got this grip to test and cannot be happier. It took sometime to be used to it, and I cannot even use other grips using it for a week or two. I liked it so much that I ordered one more for my daughter’s W&W Winex Riser, which was not listed on the drop-down menu. But the customer service was super prompt and helpful to find a compatible one. Thank you R-Core for awesome service and the great grip !!

  5. A

    The search for a grip has continued on to the the IAM Recurve. Previously had the IAM Barebow and the Master grips.

    The IAM BB was at the default angle. Still a bit of a noob at the time so didn’t know what I’d prefer and thought it wasn’t low enough. The throat was nice and thick with but the palm pad was too wide. The Master I ordered at low (30 degrees) angle and it was too low for me. My hand felt like it was constantly feeling outstretched, straining my shoulder and the throat didn’t feel as secure but the palm pad was quite nice with the lifeline ridge.

    The IAM Recurve at default angle (38 degrees) is a bit narrower in all aspects with regards to the throat and palm pad compared to the IAM BB. Even so, and even without the lifeline ridge, your palm will sit nicely at the palm pad edge at the draw. 38 degrees might be a touch too high for me so the angle search continues.

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