Choose your color wisely!

Our promise

Print colors are constantly being updated and new ones are made available.

Moreover, special materials are used too. These materials are for example, wood filaments, that contain real wood particles, color-changing plastic, that, well, changes color above/below a specific temperature and various composites and light reactive plastics.

We keep searching for new materials, that are solid, beautiful and sometimes exotic and this is the page to see what’s in store!

Available Colors

Simple colors

Materials belonging to the “Simple colors” are 3d printer filaments in a variety of colors, attributes and surface texture

These colors are solid or semi-translucent and range from simple plastic, bright pigments to darker, matte blacks and reds and of course, sparkly, fluorescent

Click below, on the 3D printed sample to see the Simple Color catalog

Glass colors

Glass colors are transparent, translucent and opaque colors, pearly or not, that are used with SLA resin printers and casting molds. 

While the colors are shown below, they are mixable so there is an infinite palette. Let us know what you need, and it will probably be possible to conjure it!

Click below, on the 3D printed sample to see the Glass Color catalog