It usually takes 5 business days to prepare orders (producing and packaging) for the simple plastic grips and about 10 business days for the glass grips.  Wood grips may take up to 20 business days to be produced. 

As soon as your order is in the mail, you will get a tracking number. Depending on where you are located and what kind of postage service you choose, it takes 1-3 business days for the UPS Express Saver delivery, 5-7 business days for the UPS Standard delivery and 15-25 business days for the Greek Post delivery to get your hand on your new grip and/or accessory.

You choose one of the grip designs you like and feel it will suit you, choose the color (full color list here) and choose the brand of your riser.

We also need to know if you have a right-handed or left-handed riser too!

The options include color/material, antislip options and lifeline ridge (Check about lifeline and antislip here)

The rest is e-shop stuff: add to card, go to checkout, pay, wait anxiously for your order, get it in your hands, screw (or snap it, depending on the fitting) on your bow, shoot, feel awesome!

We’ll keep you up to date with the status of the order and provide you with a tracking number so you know when to wait for the postman!


Depending on the angle of the plane between the palm rest and the vertical plane, grips are categorized to Low, Medium and High

Low, is 30 degrees angle from the vertical plane, Mid is 37.5 and High is 45. 


The compounder.

There is a special angle called “Compounder” as it follows the angle of the riser. It is considered very low and depends on the individual riser. 

This is essentially, like wrapping your bow with tennis tape but you have the additional advantage of the contour of the chosen grip type


We offer all of our grips in all variations and we can customize the angle for individual orders.


I want a custom angle!

In case of custom angles, after your order, we will communicate with you, to your designated email address for your required grip angle.



Due to the non-availability of certain risers, we may not currently have a design for them. However, we are always working to acquire new risers for our inventory. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

My belief and experience is that putting elastic stuff on the single point of failure between you and your bow, hides mistakes and provides false feedback from your shot. There is already some padding in there, your skin and fat layers.

If you need to hold your bow using anything else than the force that you apply to your grip, then either the grip or the hand placement is incorrect.

That being said, we can use a Shore A 60 rubber compound on the grip for some traction on wood grips and various antislip patterns on plastic and glass grips. For plastic grips you can have a pyramidal pattern and glass grips work very well with both pyramidal and hexa patterns

These are free optional customizations! You can check this page about them here

If you are provided with an RCore coupon code, please follow these steps to redeem it:

1. Add the RCore products you wish to purchase into your cart.

2. Click the button on the top right-hand corner to view the cart.

3. Enter the coupon code into the respective box.

4. Apply the coupon. The discount will be calculated into the “Cart totals” box.

5. Click to proceed to checkout.

The glass grips are actually plastic grips that are produced with transparent material and they are polished to give to the final product the crystal- clear appearance of glass.

We only provide custom designs created by RCore. If you search for an exact replacement of your stock riser, check with its manufacturer.

In the risers listed below there are some inconsistencies due to their manufacturing. This may result in poor fitting on some batches which, while the grip is fully usable, may result in gaps etc.

These riser models are:

Hoyt Tiburon
F161/F261, EXE scream
Kinetic Invinso
Kinetic Lancer
Kinetic Stylized
Kinetic Valenz
Kinetic Vygo
Kinetic Sovren
Sanlida Myth x10
WNS FC-100/W&W RCX-100/Rapido/KAP Cyclone

We can make an RCore grip for these risers by customer request. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage or ill-fitting of the grip on the specific riser and thus, cannot replace or refund the item. Please keep in mind that by ordering a grip for this riser you are accepting the above terms.

Selecting the right material for your RCore grip depends on your preferences for aesthetics, feel, and functionality. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Plastic is a great introduction to RCore grips. Bright colors, durability, and ease of customization with simple tools (an exact knife or a little torch). It is the most affordable option as it is not processed by hand after it comes out of the printer. A material that is warm to the touch!

Glass-like is far more beautiful and can feel harder to the touch. Offers exceptional anti-slip properties when hands are dry, like sticking your palm on a window pane. Of course this does not apply with more greasy hands. For those, the glass grips can have either pyramidal “positive” anti slip or hexagonal “negative” antislip (meaning that the pyramidal pokes out the grip and the hex is inset). Glass-like grips also get their engravings with solid white resin so there is a nice contrast should you decide to get an engraving!

A wood grip is the epitome of warm and natural looking bow accessories. The processing leaves the wood with a matte finish, preserving the natural pores for improved anti-slip properties and a pleasant feel. This helps with both antislip and feeling. And added with a hexagonal laser-etched antislip, you get a nice layer to provide traction to your dry/greasy/sweaty hand without discrimination.