It usually takes three to four business days to prepare orders (producing/packaging/postage) for simple plastic grips and about 5-7 business days for glass grips. As soon as your order is in the mail, you will get a tracking number. Depending on where you are located and what kind of postage service you choose, it might take from 3 to 15 business days to get your hand on your new grip and/or accessory.


(CoViD-19 update on tracking times: please multiply the delivery times by a factor of 2. Producing/reparing times, have not changed)

You choose one of the grip designs you like and feel it will suit you, choose the color (full color list here) and choose the brand of your riser.

We also need to know if you have a right-handed or left-handed riser too!

The rest is e-shop stuff: add to card, go to checkout, pay, wait anxiously for your order, get it in your hands, screw (or snap it, depending on the fitting) on your bow, shoot, feel awesome!

We’ll keep you up to date with the status of the order and provide you with a tracking number so you know when to wait for the postman!


Depending on the angle of the plane between the palm rest and the vertical plane, grips are categorized to Low, Medium and High

Low, is 30 degrees angle from the vertical plane, Mid is 37.5 and High is 45. 


The compounder.

There is a special angle called “Compounder” as it follows the angle of the riser. It is considered very low and depends on the individual riser. 

This is essentially, like wrapping your bow with tennis tape but you have the additional advantage of the contour of the chosen grip type


We offer all of our grips in all variations and we can customize the angle for individual orders.


I want a custom angle!

In case of custom angles, after your order, we will communicate with you, to your designated email address for your required grip angle.



Follow the link for the list of all supported risers.

Due to non-availability of some risers, we may currently not have a mould for it. 

So, for hard-to-find grips, please contact us using the contact form below, we may be able to help produce an R-Core grip for you with some help!

No, I do not.

My belief and experience is that putting elastic stuff on the single point of failure between you and your bow, hides mistakes and provides false feedback from your shot. There is already some padding in there, your skin and fat layers.

If you need to hold your bow using anything else than the force that you apply to your grip, then either the grip or the hand placement is incorrect.

I can provide both a textured surface and/or a PlastiDip™ coating, if requested, but not rubber as it is compressible and the mother of all evils!

These are free optional customizations! You can check this page about them here

Fear not. it will get there.

As the airlines are not operating fully yet, the packages go through different pathways. This has resulted in a gap of tracking updates between origin and destination.

Usually the packets pop up in your country on the tracking page, a couple of days before delivery

See below for an example of such a tracking gap:

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