Jake Kaminski Grip - Grips by Jake Kaminksi

The I AM. grip series is the brainchild of Jake Kaminski, two times Olympian, professional archer and coach. Jake has developed the designs during his long career in archery. Each design addresses different needs. The series includes grips for Recurve and Barebow, with a brand-new option for recurvers that just moved from compound.

Very low wrist, ideal for barebow string walking. Flat shape and sharp edges for consistent placement in the hand.


Slightly narrower than the Hoyt Grip but was a close model to it. Essentially a similar version of the Hoyt Grip without the lowered pivot point. I shot this grip during the 2017 season when I switched to W&W.


Slightly curved/angled lifeline area for great contact feel but less over-all torque. Lowered pivot point to change the balance of the bow for more front stabilizer weight, for more stability. More hand clearance for large hands or those who have vane contact issues on their index finger. Great for recurve or point on barebow or gap shooting. Sharp edges for consistent placement in the hand. I shot this grip at the 2016 Olympics.


A nice, thin compound-style grip that you can put on your recurve riser. It is super sharp-looking and the original angle is the same as a compound thus it feels exactly like it. It offers consistency in hand placement and it is extremely user-friendly, especially if you are used to shooting compound.