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Matching Gillo clicker plate

Padded front, one-size-fits-all baseball cap with R-Core logo printed in front.

Got this cool grip but your standard Gillo clicker plate is not fitting in ? No problem!

The matching Gillo clicker plate is made of the exact same material as your grip and they will match perfectly


Customize accessory


The clicker plate is made by the same batch of material that your grip is made of, meaning it is the exact same color.


Additional information

Color Sparkly red, Ancient bronze, Bacterial Yellow, BB – (Boring Black), Cobalt Poison blue, Electron Scope green, Eyes of Hades Black, Frog King skin, Herring Red, Ken Pink, Lava orange, Peasant Frog green, Sky Limit Blue, Starry Night blue, Summer Wine red, Traffic Light green, Ultramarine Blue, Unicorn poop pink, Wood Hair beige


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