R-Core – “Tax Evasion”

Great palm placement, due to the life-line ridge. But enough area to rest the base of the thumb.

Best for archers with not-so-skinny hands.


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Tax Evasion in MID angle – 3D Interactive Model

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 cm
Riser brand Akusta Fotron/Tenbris, Amagi, Backwoods Composites HIT-19, Bear Fred Eichler Signature Series Takedown, Border Tempest (not clones), Bosen Stronghold, CD archery WF series, Chaser Archery Python 25", DAS (Dalaa - HT-21), DAS Tribute, Decut / X-Spot (Rhino), Decut Basha Pro, F161/F261, EXE scream, Fivics Titan (not Fivics Titan EX), Vellator, Fivics Titan EX-NX/Argon X, Gillo G1/G2/GQ/GT/GF, Hoyt Ancient (Avalon, Axis, Matrix), Hoyt GMX 2 (old)/HPX/Prodigy XT (no shim)/RX, Hoyt new (GMX3, Arcos, Xakt, Epik, Alero, Xceed, Xi, XD etc.), Hoyt old (Helix, Nexus, Horizon etc), Hoyt Satori, Hoyt Tiburon, JC Optimus 2.0, JC Sniper, Kinetic Evolium, Kinetic Invinso, Kinetic Sovren, Kinetic Stylized / Sanlida Athletic 7, MK Korea (L3, Beta, S, Z), MK Korea Alpha, MK Korea MX 10, Mybo (Wave/Wave X/Elite/Mykan), Mybo Pathfinder, Nika ET-15A - ET-15B, Nishikawa Archery Sakura, PSE X-Factor, Samick Discovery 17", Samick Discovery 21", Samick low end (avante, privilege, ideal), Sanlida Myth X10, Sebastien Flute Ascent, Sebastien Flute Evo, Sebastien Flute ISO Pro, Spigarelli DMS, Zen, BB, Spigarelli Explorer/Old BB/Old Club, Spigarelli Revolution, Stolid Bull Black Thunder, Stolid Bull Vanquish, Stolid Bull Vanquish SX, Tradtech Titan, Uukha Xpro/Xpro2, Vantage Point Archery, W&W ATF-DX, W&W ATF-X 2021 (16mm), W&W ATF-X prior to 2021 (15mm), W&W AXT and compatibles (Aluminum risers), W&W Black Elk, W&W Black Wolf/RCX17, W&W CXT, CX7 and compatibles (Carbon risers), W&W Inno RX Carbon, W&W Inno-Light, W&W Nano MAX/Inno MAX, W&W X-pert, WNS, WNS FC-100/W&W RCX-100/Rapido/KAP Cyclone, WNS Vantage AX, Zenit Best, Οther/Unlisted (Contact us first)
Grip material Automotive, Plastic, Glass-like, Wood
Color / Wood Selection 4, Fuchs Ake, Bleu Borealis, Bleu Iceland, Caribbean Black, Cherry, Crème Brûlée Beige, Dangerine Tream, Dental Pearly White, English Cart Green, Gandalf Hairspray Gray, Meen Mint, Plin Plon Pink, Popeye's favorite green, Rubbin' Red, Rust Juice, Tell Tale Teal, Toutes les Étoiles!, Interesting Black, Boring Black, Eyes of Hades black, Epic Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Metal Blue, Deep Sea blue, Sky Limit Blue, Turkey Eyes, Barbaric Bib Blue, Summer Wine Red, Sparkly Red, Ancient Bronze, Dog $ht Brown, Frog King Skin Green, Green R-O, Traffic Light Green, Electron Scope Green, Hellboy Rot, Herring Red, Lava Orange, Punishing Pacifier Pink, Lethal Lullaby Lilac, Turangalila Mauve, Unicorn Poop Pink, Ken Pink, Bacterial Yellow, Sunflower Yellow, Support Ukraine, Santos Rosewood, Irocco, Walnut, Padauk, Bubinga, Brother Blue, Kryptonite Green, Alien spit green, What's the Deal Teal, Liquid Sky Cyan, Blood Popsicle red, Mad Genda, Perfect Stranger, A touch of Tee, Jurassic Amber, "The answer is..."
Angle Compound-like (very low), Low (30°), Mid (38°), High (45°)
Handedness Right handed (you grip the bow with the left hand), Left handed (you grip the bow with the right hand)
Anti-slip palm pattern * Surfboard, No pattern (Anti-slip stickers provided), Pyramidal, Hexagonal
Lifeline ridge No, Yes
Personalization ** Include a custom logo (SVG file upload), No custom logo

54 reviews for R-Core – “Tax Evasion”

  1. stephen wombwell (verified owner)

    Awesome grip, fits naturally into your hand and removes one less thing to think about before your shot

  2. Markus L. (verified owner)

    Der Griff hat hervorstehende scharfe Kanten

  3. Wan Rohafizan

    It fits my hand perfectly in high wrist option and works well with my extended arm with “choking the target” holding style.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered a custom grip from Aris. Received in 3 weeks. The quality of the grip is excellent, but if you prefer soft plastic or rubbery textures, you’ll have to stick to the original riser defaults.
    Definitely an upgrade for me as I could not get used to the Fivics/krossen high grip. Custom grip is medium and allows me to have a consistent grip.
    Might want to order another exact same design for my other bow. But will shoot more with my new grip to decide.

  5. Simon T. (verified owner)

    After shooting compounds and flatbows for many years I just couldn’t get used to medium or high grips. Ordered the Tax evasion grip, in compound low, feels great immediately. Repeatable hand position, comfortable, dosent slip. Great ridge that sits in the life line on your pain so you can tell you have the same contact everytime. Finish on the grip is lovely, service was great. Aris is very approachable to make sure you get the right grip for you. Defintley recommend.

    Also shoot one of the RCore tabs, one of the best tabs I’ve shot in 20 years.

  6. John P. (verified owner)

    Great service, great product!

  7. Alessandro Di Nardo (verified owner)

    More accurate band position but top small size grip

  8. David Philpott (verified owner)

    Top piece of kit
    Would highly recommend this grip

  9. Franco Marchetti (verified owner)


  10. Dimitri B. (verified owner)

    Perfect balance, perfect texture (not slippy when wet).
    I was expecting just a bit thicker between thumb and index so I’ll keep that in mind for the next one.

    Negative point : Not green enough (Ok, I choose beige wood, but that’s not the point)

  11. David Philpott (verified owner)

    Usual great service,
    A really good feeling grip I can’t recommend it enough.

  12. Michael Cawelti (verified owner)

    The grip is brilliant, and the customer service was superb. I was able to customize my order, and it came out perfect. I would highly recommend R0core to any archer.

  13. corvino serge (verified owner)

    Perfect, confortable and just what i need😂

  14. David Lin (verified owner)

    Aris went above and beyond with his customer service. It was great to be able to communicate with him to finalize on the design of my bow grip to get the right look and feel. The grip is fantastic; I’m able to consistently place my palm on the grip each time and the slight textured surface feels like it holds my palm in place without making it obvious that it’s there. Would definitely buy more. Great product and company.

  15. Attapol C. (verified owner)


  16. Clive Barker (verified owner)

    Best £40 I’ve spent in archery.

  17. Kevin Gager-Tomkinson (verified owner)

    Really nice grip, improved my hold and very comfortable and my score has improved.

  18. Jonathan Phillips (verified owner)

    First grip arrived deformed but customer service was excellent, got a replacement through within a couple of days. No complaints about this one

  19. Mick (verified owner)

    Great communication to ensure I got the right grip for me

  20. Amanda Rose (verified owner)

    Wow amazing. My new grip is working so well for me. My hand fits spot on, and with the addition pyramid grip my bow no long moves when my hands get sweaty. Definitely ordering another for my other riser.

  21. Riccardo C. (verified owner)

    Really comfortable

  22. James Hoye (verified owner)

    I have 3 different Tax Evasion grips for 3 different bows and they are great. This company has never let me down.

  23. Piero Bertolucci (verified owner)

    It’s a very comfortable grip, helping me for my problem of sweating in the hand.

  24. Cardoso Rodrigues (verified owner)

    Very fine work, fast shipping and delevery. The only downside thing it that my center shot as change. But it’s a great grip. Very satisfy

  25. Arno Schuurs (verified owner)

    A realy nice grip. Ik have a better hand position now, in respect to the original krossen grip.

  26. Kevin Jensen (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It feels like a super reinforced version of Gilo’s prototype grip. The anti-skid design is very intimate and the color is amazing!

  28. Bedez Dimitri (verified owner)

    Second one ordered for the same bow (Spiga Zen) but with low angle this time, suits me better for short distance.
    Perfectly made as usual 😊

  29. Amanda Rose (verified owner)

    Another amazing review from me. After ordering one for my recurve, I have since ordered one for my barebow and it is stunning. It not only looks amazing but it fits in my hand spot on, the grip is amazing so the bow doesn’t move.

  30. Ian Carpenter (verified owner)

    Brilliant grip,fits my hand just perfectly with the correct hand position

  31. Zoltán Szabó (verified owner)

    Good product, good service. The grip is very good quality, fits well on the riser.

  32. Ian Carpenter (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for my hand ,very positive connection to the bow ,now hand sits in the same spot every time.
    I’ve recommended your grip to archers I coach ( Rhiannon Sevini and Helen Corquin) who have both bought grips from U too 🏹😁

  33. Tyler Dominguez (verified owner)

    Great design with practical use. Highly recommended.

  34. Cameron Root (verified owner)

    Great service

  35. Cameron Root (verified owner)

  36. Stephen C. (verified owner)

    Love this grip gives a great feedback.

  37. EDWARD S. (verified owner)

    2nd grip i’ve purchased from r-core. Both worked well, good fit, quick delivery

  38. Thomas Martin (verified owner)

    The fit is almost perfect. Any tolerance differance could be due to the my riser. The finish of the wood grip is wonderful and the oveall feel when holding and shooting is superb. I would purchase again without hesitaion.

  39. Darron Rose (verified owner)

    Very well made grip

  40. Thomas Knüpfer (verified owner)

  41. Darron Rose (verified owner)

    Looks great

  42. Claus Butty (verified owner)

    Hi Aris I am very satisfired, good Grip and high quality. Thank you. I Will recommand your Product.

  43. Lee a Meyers (verified owner)

  44. Lee Meyers (verified owner)

    Love it, hope to have a narrower throat Tax evasion made

  45. Gaetano G. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my Custom Grip. Best feeling and precise shooting. The grip fits perfect in my hand and the pressure point is perfect. Delivery fast and tracking during shipping. Best service! I recomment this nice products and Thank you!

  46. Joshua Rickman (verified owner)

    Great fit on my Hoyt satori!

  47. JL (verified owner)

    Excellent product, fits perfectly.
    And they were especially helpful when I wanted to add to the order after confirmation.
    Quick delivery too.

  48. Gianmarco Q. (verified owner)

    Ho trovato questa grip veramente ottima, adatta alla mia mano e mi ha dato un comfort mai avuto (ho le mani grandi). Sono migliorato anche come ripetibilità nella posizione della mano. L’unico difetto che ho riscontrato è che la parte a contatto con la base del pollice è molto ruvida e mi ha graffiato.

  49. Lianne (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, I’m very satisfied with the product!

  50. Daniel Smitton (verified owner)

    Having used the same model on a previous riser, I knew that this was the one for me. Great service from Aris who was able to customise the angle for me to the precise one I wanted. I have definitely noticed an improvement in hand position, tension and consistency with this grip, and would not hesitate to recommend R-Core to other archers

  51. John E. (verified owner)

    Has definitely improved my consistency. As someone who uses the gap aiming method as well as pure instinctive style while deer hunting, it has given me a repeatable grip which crosses over to both styles perfectly. Thanks for an alternative to the stock grip which did not allow this consistency!

  52. William (verified owner)

    I’ve previously been using a Kteenos in medium angle and no texturing. This was great for indoors but I needed something with texture for warmer outdoor days and wanted to experiment with a low angle. A club member already raved about their Tax Evasion so I bought the plastic grip with lifeline and textured grip and it is brilliant. The low angle really helps my shoulder positioning. I may try some other variants in due course but this is my favourite so far. I’m now shooting Bowman level scores.

  53. Anthony L. (verified owner)

    The grip feels and sits nice in the hand. I ordered medium with the life line, hex pattern anti-slip, and in glass. The life line ridge is really pronounced in this model and it helps with getting that repeatable hand position. Fit and finish are what I would expect for a grip at this price in that both are excellent and top notch.

  54. Jmaes Scheer (verified owner)

    I love this grip. My hand fits correctly and the arrows fly true.

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