R-Core - "Tax Evasion"


Great palm placement, due to the life-line ridge. But enough area to rest the base of the thumb.

Best for archers with not-so-skinny hands.


  • Blue Glass
  • Green Glass
  • Green R-O
  • Lee Laque
  • Sparkly red
  • Yellow Glass
  • Ancient bronze
  • Bacterial Yellow
  • BB – (Boring Black)
  • Cobalt Poison blue
  • Electron Scope green
  • Eyes of Hades Black
  • Frog King skin
  • Herring Red
  • Ken Pink
  • Lava orange
  • Peasant Frog green
  • Sky Limit Blue
  • Spider leg black
  • Starry Night blue
  • Summer Wine red
  • Traffic Light green
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Unicorn poop pink
  • Wood Hair beige


for more details on grip angles (mid/low/high) please check here

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 cm
Bow brand

Best, Bosen Stronghold, CD archery, Chaser Archery Python, Core (Astral), Core (gonexo, refine), Decut / X-Spot (Rhino), Decut Basha Pro, Fivics/Krossen (not Fivics Titan EX), Gillo, Hoyt Ancient (Avalon, Axis, Matrix), Hoyt Gold Medalist, Hoyt new (GMX, Epik, Alero, Xceed etc), Hoyt old (Helix, Nexus), Hoyt TD4, Kinetic Heat, Kinetic MEOS, Kinetic Stylized, Mybo, Samick low end (avante, privilege), Samick Masters, Spigarelli DMS, Zen, BB, Spigarelli Explorer/Old BB/Old Club, Spigarelli Revolution, Stark (real/ligero), Stolid Bull Black Thunder, Stolid Bull Vanquish, Stolid Bull Vanquish SX, Uukha UPro, Uukha XPro, W&W Black Wolf/RCX17, W&W CXT, W&W FC100, W&W X-pert, WNS


Compound-like (very low), High (45°), Low (30°), Mid (38°)


Blue Glass, Green Glass, Green R-O, Lee Laque, Sparkly red, Yellow Glass, Ancient bronze, Bacterial Yellow, BB – (Boring Black), Cobalt Poison blue, Electron Scope green, Eyes of Hades Black, Frog King skin, Herring Red, Ken Pink, Lava orange, Peasant Frog green, Sky Limit Blue, Spider leg black, Starry Night blue, Summer Wine red, Traffic Light green, Ultramarine Blue, Unicorn poop pink, Wood Hair beige


Right handed (you grip the bow with the left hand), Left handed (you grip the bow with the right hand)

9 reviews for R-Core – “Tax Evasion”

  1. stephen wombwell (verified owner)

    Awesome grip, fits naturally into your hand and removes one less thing to think about before your shot

  2. Markus L. (verified owner)

    Der Griff hat hervorstehende scharfe Kanten

  3. Wan Rohafizan

    It fits my hand perfectly in high wrist option and works well with my extended arm with “choking the target” holding style.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered a custom grip from Aris. Received in 3 weeks. The quality of the grip is excellent, but if you prefer soft plastic or rubbery textures, you’ll have to stick to the original riser defaults.
    Definitely an upgrade for me as I could not get used to the Fivics/krossen high grip. Custom grip is medium and allows me to have a consistent grip.
    Might want to order another exact same design for my other bow. But will shoot more with my new grip to decide.

  5. Simon T. (verified owner)

    After shooting compounds and flatbows for many years I just couldn’t get used to medium or high grips. Ordered the Tax evasion grip, in compound low, feels great immediately. Repeatable hand position, comfortable, dosent slip. Great ridge that sits in the life line on your pain so you can tell you have the same contact everytime. Finish on the grip is lovely, service was great. Aris is very approachable to make sure you get the right grip for you. Defintley recommend.

    Also shoot one of the RCore tabs, one of the best tabs I’ve shot in 20 years.

  6. John P. (verified owner)

    Great service, great product!

  7. Alessandro Di Nardo (verified owner)

    More accurate band position but top small size grip

  8. David Philpott (verified owner)

    Top piece of kit
    Would highly recommend this grip

  9. Franco Marchetti (verified owner)


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R-Core - "Tax Evasion"

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