R-Core – “The Master”

An accented ridge for your palm’s life line, which makes sure that your hand sits correctly and the applied force goes straight into the center of the bow and does not create any torsional forces.


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The Master in MID angle – 3D Interactive Model

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 cm
Riser brand Akusta Fotron/Tenbris, Amagi, Backwoods Composites HIT-19, Bear Fred Eichler Signature Series Takedown, Border Tempest (not clones), Bosen Stronghold, CD archery WF series, Chaser Archery Python 25", DAS (Dalaa - HT-21), DAS Tribute, Decut / X-Spot (Rhino), Decut Basha Pro, F161/F261, EXE scream, Fivics Titan (not Fivics Titan EX), Vellator, Fivics Titan EX-NX/Argon X, Gillo G1/G2/GQ/GT/GF, Hoyt Ancient (Avalon, Axis, Matrix), Hoyt GMX 2 (old)/HPX/Prodigy XT (no shim)/RX, Hoyt new (GMX3, Arcos, Xakt, Epik, Alero, Xceed, Xi, XD etc.), Hoyt old (Helix, Nexus, Horizon etc), Hoyt Satori, Hoyt Tiburon, JC Optimus 2.0, JC Sniper, Kinetic Evolium, Kinetic Invinso, Kinetic Sovren, Kinetic Stylized / Sanlida Athletic 7, MK Korea (L3, Beta, S, Z), MK Korea Alpha, Mybo (Wave/Wave X/Elite/Mykan), Mybo Pathfinder, Nishikawa Archery Sakura, PSE X-Factor, Samick Discovery 17", Samick Discovery 21", Samick low end (avante, privilege, ideal), Sanlida Myth X10, Sebastien Flute Ascent, Sebastien Flute Evo, Sebastien Flute ISO Pro, Spigarelli DMS, Zen, BB, Spigarelli Explorer/Old BB/Old Club, Spigarelli Revolution, Stolid Bull Black Thunder, Stolid Bull Vanquish, Stolid Bull Vanquish SX, Tradtech Titan, Uukha Xpro/Xpro2, Vantage Point Archery, W&W ATF-DX, W&W ATF-X 2021 (16mm), W&W ATF-X prior to 2021 (15mm), W&W AXT and compatibles (Aluminum risers), W&W Black Elk, W&W Black Wolf/RCX17, W&W CXT, CX7 and compatibles (Carbon risers), W&W Inno-Light, W&W Nano MAX/Inno MAX, W&W X-pert, WNS, WNS FC-100/W&W RCX-100/Rapido/KAP Cyclone, WNS Vantage AX, Zenit Best, Οther/Unlisted (Contact us first)
Grip material Plastic, Glass-like, Wood
Color / Wood Selection Cherry, Interesting Black, Boring Black, Eyes of Hades black, Epic Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Metal Blue, Deep Sea blue, Sky Limit Blue, Turkey Eyes, Barbaric Bib Blue, Summer Wine Red, Ancient Bronze, Dog $ht Brown, Frog King Skin Green, Green R-O, Traffic Light Green, Electron Scope Green, Hellboy Rot, Herring Red, Lava Orange, Punishing Pacifier Pink, Lethal Lullaby Lilac, Turangalila Mauve, Unicorn Poop Pink, Ken Pink, Bacterial Yellow, Sunflower Yellow, Support Ukraine, Santos Rosewood, Irocco, Walnut, Padauk, Bubinga, Brother Blue, Kryptonite Green, Alien spit green, What's the Deal Teal, Liquid Sky Cyan, Blood Popsicle red, Mad Genda, Perfect Stranger, A touch of Tee, Jurassic Amber, "The answer is..."
Angle Compound-like (very low), Low (30°), Mid (38°), High (45°)
Handedness Right handed (you grip the bow with the left hand), Left handed (you grip the bow with the right hand)
Anti-slip palm pattern * No pattern (Anti-slip stickers provided), Pyramidal, Hexagonal
Lifeline ridge No, Yes
Personalization ** Include a custom logo (SVG file upload), No custom logo

346 reviews for R-Core – “The Master”

  1. Eleni Manta (verified owner)

  2. Volker L. (verified owner)

    This is a quality product. With outstanding customer support.
    I just don’t have to worry about my bow hand any more as it just sits right with the new grip. What more could you want from a bow grip?

  3. Luca Rabitti (verified owner)

    Pleasant package, absolutely precise fitting in the riser, kind answer for expedition needing; beatiful colour and very comfortable finish of the material. A great discover the compounder tilt; for me it was a test, really succeeded. Maybe want to try another profile, seen the fantastic quality. I adviced many archers around me to try it and someone did; everybody happy. Thanks to Aris

  4. Mike Grundy (verified owner)

    Perfectly positioned for you to shoot the same shot time after time. Comfortable, intuitive and looks good too!

  5. Matt W. (verified owner)

    Best grip Ive ever used, really promotes good hand position and makes it actively difficult to get it wrong. It fit the riser (gillo G1) perfectly.
    Only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the texture- it’s very smooth. This didn’t affect my shot in any way just meant that my hand got sweaty when shooting indoors. After adding overgrip tape ive had no issues.
    If I was to order again I would get the thumb groove – but it’s my fault for not realising they offered it.

  6. stephen p. (verified owner)

    Been searching for a very long time to get a high wrist grip for my bow. This works perfectly for me. Looks great and fits first time. Service is top notch. Very happy indeed. Thanks Aris.

  7. David Archer (verified owner)

    Very impressed overall – very impressed with the grips thank you – would highly recommend.

  8. MOHD AUSSIFF (verified owner)

    Hi, I am a barebow archer. Before r-core, with standard grip, I often took a longer time to ensure I am gripping the right way. I have to check visually the position of the grip near the palm’s lifeline, and the diagonal position of my index finger and my thumb around the grip’s neck.
    With R-Core’s “The Master”, visual check is no longer needed as I just have to slide my palm on the grip, and voilla, i got my lifeline right on the edge of the grip and the base of my thumb is exactly at the grip’s pressure point-consistently. The thumb positioner at the top of the grip really help me to feel the right knuckle angle in every shot. Now it took me much shorter time to set my shot and let me focus more on the rest of my form.
    The grip quality is very good. The material feels very solid and was precisely made. I love it!

  9. jeffrey b. (verified owner)

    Good fit. Quick delivery of my order. would recommend if you are looking for custom replacement of your bow grip.

  10. Steve Wombwell (verified owner)

    Having already bought a grip for my rhino and seen improvement had to get one for my spig, highly recommend

  11. Wolfgang Pirmann (verified owner)

    this grips fits my preferences perfect, narrow enough to reduce torque and perfekt lining on the lifeline, cant be happier

  12. Anders H. (verified owner)

  13. Arnold W. (verified owner)

    Excellent Service, Communication and Product. I’m very happy with the grips for my Black Wolf risers, they have made the bow so much nicer to shoot.

  14. Karlo Cilar (verified owner)

  15. Alberto A. (verified owner)

  16. David Dyer (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything to do with buying this grip and clicker plate was a pleasure. Maria even sent me pictures of all the different Yellow colours so I could make sure it all matched the rest of my setup. Main thing though was the fact that the grip actually fitted my new Gillo GT ( unlike the one from a well known US company) and it was cheaper!! All in all a very good experience.

  18. Franz Saugspier (verified owner)

    Quick conversation about technically details, fast production and finally perfect fit of the grip! I recommend this company for individual grip !

  19. Stan B. (verified owner)

    Great design. Rough and harsh feel. Will need use in summer conditions.

  20. Peter Lewis (verified owner)

    The replacement for the spigarelli revolution grip from rcore is a fantastic, so much more comfortable and repeatable a hand position. And the team at rcore were fantastic, so helpful with superb customer service.

  21. Tamás Baranyai (verified owner)

    The grip is extremely comfortable and fits perfectly to my Gillo GQ riser.

  22. James C. (verified owner)

    Best grip for consistent hand placement. It has turned my shooting around for the better.

  23. Colin Simpson (verified owner)

  24. HARD4IRIS (verified owner)

    Exceptional, is the best grip that I have

  25. Francesco Marchetti (verified owner)

  26. Attila Wenger (verified owner)

    Perfect for me ! Great grip. Thx

  27. John Giokas (verified owner)

    Would prefer it wider at the top. Fits superb in my hand,the looks are better than pictures, fast service too. If you would like to change the angle of your grip or just the looks then is highly recomended.

  28. Colin D. (verified owner)

    Ordered a 38 and a 45 degree so I could try both, in toxic yellow!! The grips fit my bow perfectly, colour matches the logos on my bow perfectly, and the grip is a really good positive feel in the hand- shooting good scores straight away. A great alternative to the stock grip provided on my W&W TFT-G bow.

  29. Mark H. (verified owner)

    Really nicely designed bow grip, considerable improvement over the standard item for my decut. 3d printing finish is quite obvious if you would be bothered by this but doesn’t affect function at all.

  30. Joanne Spencer (verified owner)

    Love the colour, unicorn poo pink. Comfortable in my hand and down the lifeline, it does seem to make my hand sweat tho and that’s unusual for me as I’m always cold. Other than that, love it.

  31. Dave Oates (verified owner)

    Perfect fit on bow and hand.
    Raised edge helps me a lot.
    Cool colour.

  32. Tomáš Veverka (verified owner)

  33. Peter Vullings (verified owner)

    Na lang wachten (4 weken) aangekomen.
    Grip gemonteerd op boog en gaan schieten.
    Grip ligt meteen goed in de hand.
    Aris bedankt.

  34. James Moloney (verified owner)

    Buying the grip was a trouble-free experience. R-Core (Aris) are very easy to deal with and supplied me with a custom grip for my left-hand Spigarelli Club 650 riser very quickly. I’ve ordered a similar grip for my Stolid Bull Black Thunder riser and I’m looking forward to buying more grips fromR-Core (Aris) in the months to come for my other risers. Very best wishes for the future, James Moloney, Ireland.

  35. Peter (verified owner)

    I was looking for a grip with a harder edge down the left side (RH shooter), to give a more positive and grippy hand placement, particularly with damp hands. The Master looked about right. Bought it in a medium height and it’s a PERFECT shape for my hand. The hard plastic texture is a bit off-putting at first but it works well under pressure and I can’t fault it functionally. Fit on the riser is also extremely good. Not sure luminous green was the best colour choice but that’s my fault! They aren’t cheap but they work very well. I have recommended them to a few others at our club but I’m kind of hoping they don’t get them so I can stay one step ahead ; )

  36. Peter (verified owner)

  37. C K. (verified owner)

    Immediately fitted comfortably in my hand. My alignment was instantly improved. The left edge hits my lifeline perfectly and my thumb position is massively improved. A joy to shoot and the bow remain stable and balanced even when string walking. Absolutely top class product..

  38. Alexander Lebedinskiy (verified owner)

    The grip itself is amazing: the color, the material, the fit, the craftsmanship are top-notch.
    The shape is very well thought through and the amount of available customization is mind-blowing. There actually would be almost too many options to choose from if not for the caring, highly professional customer support that sorts out all questions together with you.
    My grip works wonderful with my Gillo GQ – the size is the exact match. Through customization, it also matches perfectly with my hand and my shooting style. Going for a lower angle, as advised by the manufacturer, resulted in a much more stable shot with considerable string crawls. And I absolutely love the thumb groove!
    Thank you once again not only for a great product but also for a great experience I had while ordering and are having while shooting. I’m getting another grip for my better half from you, this time in Unicorn Poop color 🙂

  39. Winfried Gockert (verified owner)

    The grip fits perfecly”medium hight” I am curious abaut The other grips on different hand-woving May affect The shooting end better😃

  40. Dalibor Halik (verified owner)

    Super nice looking grip, fits to the bow perfectly well, good, solid feeling in hand. Little slippery on sweaty hands but easy to solve with piece of kinesio tape in my case.

  41. Benjamin Reed (verified owner)

    Thank your for offering a quality product and great customer service. I have really been enjoying my new Master grip and have been able to shoot more comfortably and consistently since upgrading from my stock grip.

  42. Marian T. (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the grip. Fits my hand perfectly and shooting better already

  43. Peterjohn S. (verified owner)

    A good quality product and a one grip. Nice texture in the Eyes of Hades black and feels good in the hand. An excellent fit onto the Epik riser too. Most likely to buy another!

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)


  45. Johannes Spiegl (verified owner)

    Very nice grip, fits perfect for me. Thanks.

  46. Gokmen E. (verified owner)

    Whole designing part was very good. We shuttle designs and 3d designs back and forth. Eventually decided a final design. After I’ve got it I have had some discomfort with the shape and textured surface, nothing that 5 minutes sanding can remove. But Aris offered a brand new design with corrected features. Printing quality is quite good. Over all quite happy with whole experience and the product. You will get a pen and a button badge as free gift. So thumbs up.

  47. Bill W. (verified owner)

    Master – Medium – Starry Night Blue – Gillo G2
    Excellent fit to riser and good quality material. Immediately making a difference to consistency.
    Superb service; submitting order to UK delivery taking less than 7 days.

  48. Joanne Walker (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my new grip, the quality is high standard and the customer service very good. From order to delivery was very quick and the packaging and freebies was a lovely touch. I personalised the grip I love it and really sets my bow off. You can definitely tell R-Core takes pride in their work.

  49. Marko (verified owner)

    Really good quality grip and exactly what I was expecting.

  50. Salvatore I. (verified owner)

    The grip look very good and fits perfectly in my Zenit Riser. I didn’t have much time to try it out thoroughly, but at first shoot feels great. Thanks to Aris for the support to check shipping tracking.

  51. RICHARD COTE (verified owner)

  52. Scott Bills (verified owner)

    Very nice product with tons of options delivered exactly as discussed.

  53. Emanuele De Marni (verified owner)

  54. David (verified owner)

    Bought this grip with wood fiber for my gillo g2 because the previous grip got too slippery when my palm had a bit of sweat. Packaging was very nice. The grip was a little bit snug when putting it on the riser and required a light amount of tapping with a rubber mallet. But, once it was on it felt really nice to hold with just enough tackiness to prevent slips without causing torque. The wood fiber smell is nice, and I like the shape and low hand position to help move the pressure point more towards the heel of the palm.

  55. Luca Rabitti (verified owner)

    The grip fits the bow perfectly as usual (it’s my third, eheheh); the finishing of the glass blue colur is amazing, as the comfort on the hand (not too loose and not too hard, perfect balance). I really like the “Master” one. I wanted to try the medium angle (after the compounder angle). It’s good but I think for me the low angle will be perfect (next time I’ll order). I haven’t the possibility to shoot for a while, as all of us, because of the restriction about movements to prevent coronavirus diffuse. As this nightmare will finish, hope everyone will enjoy this amazing discipline and these fantastic R-Core products.

  56. Bill W. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and fit on G2. Immediately improved hand placement. Placing order to UK delivery took less than 7 days.

  57. Heinz (verified owner)

    I wasn’t happy with the original grip of my Black Wolf bow. Hence I ordered “The Master” from RCore.
    The replacement of the grips was easy. The grip is just fixed with two screws. The RCcore grip did fit perfectly, and more important: It fits perfectly into my hand.

  58. R. Corey Taylor (verified owner)

    incredible service and fantastic products!

  59. stephen Kerr (verified owner)

  60. Tiago Matos (verified owner)

  61. gory, j. (verified owner)

    A high quality product

  62. James Nilson (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the grip out of the box it correctly fit the bow and had an excellent feel. I still added some epoxy putty to the grip just to marry my hand more to the grip. Compared to other grips the amount of further customization was far less!!!!

  63. DEREK (verified owner)

    This is my second grip from R-core which tells you something in itself. This time I went for the “Glass” look for my Gillo GT. It fits perfectly and looks fantastic. The level of service I got was also very impressive. I would recommend to anyone.

  64. Jon Lewis (verified owner)

    Awesome design and quality. Aris really worked with me to produce the perfect grip.

  65. Angel F. (verified owner)

  66. juergen schmeisser (verified owner)

    The product fits very well
    Thanks for this

  67. Peter Nguyen (verified owner)

    I like that the left side of the grip is slightly more towards the hand than the right side is

  68. JUAN JOSÉ RUEDA (verified owner)

    Great product and better service, after trying several original and third-party Gillo grips, it is the best by far, low version. By the way, there was no problem to change the model due to a mistake of mine. And the packaging makes you smile “This box contains archery happiness “, !!!Unbeatable¡¡¡

  69. Jason Dalton (verified owner)

  70. John (verified owner)

    Comfortable grip for barebow and great service and communication. Highly recommend.

  71. Manuel Herrmann (verified owner)

    Aris designs the best custom grips, realizes exotic requests and his support is amazing. Always a pleasure to deal with him. Solid as a rock in this uncertain corona period. χαιρετίσματα

  72. Iain Cope (verified owner)

    Just received my first R-Core grip and will definitely be ordering more for all my bows.

    The grip fits both the bow and my hand perfectly and the Master Grip really does help promote proper hand alignment.

    Fantastic service and communication with R-Core throughout ordering/delivery/aftercare.

    I cannot recommend these grips enough!

  73. Scott Bills (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality and workmanship. I love the customer service and ability to tailor the grip to exactly what I was looking for.

  74. Tom B. (verified owner)

    I ordered this grip on a whim because the grip on my bow was just too slick. No texture at all. So instead of carving up my current grip I ordered a The Master from R-Core.
    Upon arrival I was impressed with the packaging and the pin that came with it. Nice touch!
    I installed and shot the bow and immediately fell in love with it all over again!
    I like so much I ordered another for my back up bow!
    Thank you for the great grips,

  75. Tobias (verified owner)

    snugs perfect on my riser and gives me an consistent pressure point

  76. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful grip – and also the most beautiful I have ever seen. And excellent customer service from Aris – quickly to reply and to help get the look I wanted.

  77. Jonas Leksell (verified owner)

    Didn’t know that a grip could fit my hand so perfectly!

  78. Dennis Stephens (verified owner)

    Outstanding grip. Fit was perfect.

  79. Andre A. (verified owner)

    Recently purchased this product. After the first day of test shooting the grip has grown into me in a way, feels natural and good in my hand. Don’t think about hand position anymore, the hand just slides into the same position every time.

  80. Deneitz G. (verified owner)

    Excellent service, really nice packaging and superb product. Very happy camper.

  81. Tom B. (verified owner)

    Great grip! I got mine with the thumb groove. I love it!

  82. Fabrice Hauttement (verified owner)

    Très beau grip a tester rapidement

  83. Tom C. (verified owner)

    I don’t know where to begin; except to say thank you.
    People are always debating the importance of risers, limbs, arrows, rests or even plungers as to their order of importance.
    I would add a grip that fits your hand, is comfortable, that enables your hand to effortlessly & repeatedly meld with the riser. Which this grip does!

    The feel is amazing, it fit the riser seamlessly, love the texture and glass color.

    I can add that that I have shot more consistently tighter groups, without struggling,,, which translates to more joy.

    You are doing great things for the archery community.

  84. Nicholas Dawes (verified owner)

    I love the feel of this grip so far. The slight curve to the heel of the grip fits the pad of my palm quite nicely, and it ensures that I have consistent hand placement because it’s easy to line up my “life line” with the curved edge of the grip. I thought my original Mybo grip was perfectly comfortable as it was, but I still had shot consistency problems. Occasionally my hand pressure would be too low, and the top of the bow would kick back on release, giving me a flier. This grip has been such an improvement over that; not only is this grip comfortable, but it’s improved my shot’s repeatability & consistency because it’s made it easier to find that consistent placement.

  85. Gary T. (verified owner)

    The grip is a fine fit and places my hand just as I’d hoped. Aris was quick to answer my e-mails and very quick to make the grip and despatch it to me. An excellent service.

  86. Romain PIQUET (verified owner)

    Perfect 👍👍

  87. Michael Burrows (verified owner)

    Fits my hand like a glove, very difficult to torque the bow now. Excellent responsive, friendly and professional service from Aris, thoroughly recommended.

  88. Charl Du Plessis (verified owner)

    I have used a few custom grips now, and the Master grip is definitely a great grip. I am super happy with it. The quality of the grip is second to none as well.

  89. Chris Hodgson-Bates (verified owner)

    Fantastic service from Aris. Discussed in detail what would be best for me and so glad he did.
    The grip is brilliant, right hand placement all the time.
    Very recommended.

  90. Karen Lott (verified owner)

    Brilliant! Virtually all my left/right variation has disappeared – so it was hand position.
    Comfortable, fits my bow and my hand perfectly.

  91. Ashleigh Bradford (verified owner)

    Took a little getting used to. A little uncomfortable if you do not grip the bow properly. Once I sorted that out it was brilliant providing a comfortable repeatable grip. Saving up for another for my spare bow!

  92. Torsten (verified owner)

    Master with lifeline and anti slip. Works fine, the line and the anti slip are working good. The grip is much more narrow compared to the Jager best style I had before. But I get used and it seems to be correct to use a narrow grip as my grouping improved a bit more.

  93. Peter (verified owner)

  94. admin

    Hi Cesar.

    By leaving this kind of review, you are reviewing how your postal services and airlines work during the CoViD-19 pandemic, which at this point, is outside my sphere of influence.

    Just ignore it, or, when you do receive the product, review it then! If you leave a 1-star review, you will probably be unable or forget to change it later on.

    Please review my product, not your postal service

    You can read more here: https://rcore.co/covid-19-and-shipping-delays

  95. Hugo Lobb (verified owner)

    I’m super happy with this grip, so comfortable and locks into my hand phenomenally. Needless to say I’m super happy with this product and the impeccable service that came with it.

  96. Paula Firth (verified owner)

    Good quality, very comfortable, no torque issues

  97. Eugene Yang (verified owner)

  98. Mervyn M. (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic grip and a huge improvement on my original Hoyt. It feels really good and keeps the bow arm direction nicely aligned. Second time out with the new grip I equalled my PB score. This is an upgrade I would highly recommend for anyone!

  99. hugo (verified owner)


  100. Joel Turner (verified owner)

    This grip is awesome!!!!!!

  101. Jon L. (verified owner)

    The grip and standard of work was, as usual, second to none. Aris is a great guy and makes the design and order process so simple.

  102. Reynold Sarns (verified owner)

    Love it!

  103. Barryl Rolandi (verified owner)

    Love it! Also, Aris was super friendly and helpful. Five star service all the way!

  104. Stuart W. (verified owner)

    Amazing what a well shaped grip can do. Enabled me to easily place and keep a consistent contact area on the bow, leading directly to improved scoring.

  105. Anthony Henderson (verified owner)

    Very nice and easy on the hand

  106. Emma C. (verified owner)

    Awesome! A lot of attention to detail has been put into the whole product, from packaging to the actual grip itself. Grip fits perfectly on the bow, all holes line up beautifully. Grip is very nice to hold, making it a lot easier to get a good hand position and pressure point. The life-line mark on the grip is an added tool to assist with this. Colour choice is great! I found the perfect colour to match my bow and arrows. Customer service is also excellent, very quick to respond to any question I had. I would definitely recommend R-Core grips to anyone looking for a good quality, custom made grip.

  107. Esa P. (verified owner)

    I have used the grip a few month and I feel it is better than my earlier used wooden one. Maybe even my average results have get better.

  108. Georg B. (verified owner)

    Production and shipping was quick (about 2 weeks from order to shipping). The grip fits the bow perfectly and it feels great in the hand. I would absolutely buy it again in the future.

  109. Hammer Uwe (verified owner)

    I use the handle “The Master” on a Spigarelli BB for barebow shooting.
    The grip fits exactly on the bow. The colour glass “The answer is…” is also an eye catcher.
    I did without the anti slip pattern. The grip is not smooth and slippery with the material. The lifeline ridge is helpful.
    Aris helped me with the right choice. The communication was perfect. Thanks Aris.
    I can only recommend every archer to deal with the correct hand position and the personal grip to avoid rotations and unwanted movements. The grip is as important for a good shot as a good release. You will notice it at the score.

    Uwe H. / Germany

  110. TAMÁS SZÁJER (verified owner)

    High stability, precise fit. Non-slip and easily repeatable catch from shot to shot. The reverse slope and thumb control do not allow the riser to rotate.Exactly what I imagined.

  111. Tony (verified owner)

    Great customer service and a great bow grip

  112. Richard Allan (verified owner)

    Fits the bow spot on . Hand sits and stays in a repeatable position and looks great. Would recommend

  113. werner booysen (verified owner)

    The best grip by far… hand placement is ever time correct. No need to apply tape for slippery hand even when hand is sweating it stays in the correct place. Points on average increase by 12…. because of correct hand placement every time. Thank hank you for excellent grip

  114. Dave (verified owner)

  115. Chad C. (verified owner)

    Love my R-core grip, fit and quality is perfect, communication and service is top notch. more orders are to follow
    Thank you

  116. James B. (verified owner)

    I love the grip. Aris was quick to help me out with the proper grip angle which he customized perfect. I have the grip wrapped with vet tape to give me more traction. My next one will have the non slip texture added. I live in a humid climate and I’m kinda greasy anyways. :). Thanks Aris!!!

  117. Jamie Adams (verified owner)

    amazing service with swift delivery 🙂

  118. WARREN (verified owner)

    Eccellent. Would buy again.

  119. corvino serge (verified owner)

    my best grip for all my barebow riser

  120. Thomas Ramsbacher (verified owner)

    The Best Recurve Bow Grip on the market, bar none.
    Thanks much!

  121. Luca Rabitti (verified owner)

    As always the grip fits perfectly to the riser. Beatiful glass colour and amazing customization. Very comfortable to shoot with.

  122. Steven wishart (verified owner)

    Well made, superb communication and delivery.

  123. Johnny Bergestuen (verified owner)

  124. Scott C. (verified owner)

    Love it and gets plenty of comments due to the clear colour

  125. Mads Jessen (verified owner)

    Great new grip for my Sirius. Well made and cool colour

  126. Craig McCreery (verified owner)

    Clearly a very well made grip. All of the features I asked for were added and the blue glass finish is stunning in real life.

  127. Brennan (verified owner)

    Very comfortable grip to shoot with. Definitely more consistent with it than the W&W grip I was using.

  128. Keith Roberson (verified owner)

    Excellent repeatable hand position, truly a positive shot feel. Just unfortunate that the fit on my atf-x riser is not ideal

  129. James B. (verified owner)

    The master grip fits my hand perfectly and Aris helped me get the angle I was looking for. Excellent product and excellent customer service, what more could you ask for. Thanks RCORE!! Peace and Prosperity, JB

  130. Matthias R. (verified owner)

    A quite perfect grip for my size 9 hands. Surface never slippy. Much better control than the origin Hoyt at my excel formula pro. Thanks for the experience.

  131. Kevin (verified owner)

    I´ve ordered two different angled grips (20° and 25°) based on “the master”. Aris suggested me a custom design after telling him what I´m searching for. I´ve got a preview link to have a closer look to the 3d model. I could rotate the grip in any direction to see the entire grip from any angle. When you buy a grip you get a nice little box with a nice pin (with r-core trademark logo), you can attach the pin to your quiver. Your grip is wrapped into silk paper. The grip feels pretty nice. It has the typical 3D printed grooves. First I´ve thought it would be slippy, but when you have positioned your hand correctly the grip fits perfect and your hand stays in place. Only a 3D scan of my hand would make a grip even better, but the rcore grip is nearly perfect. the grip feels very stable when shooting and I don´t feel any torque. I´ve started my test with the low 20° grip. In comparison to my standard Gillo 35° grip the grouping at 30 meters was a little bit better, but the low angle didn´t feel perfect in my wrist. I´ve changed the grip and gave the 25° a chance. Feeling and grouping was pretty good. Have had the tightest group with the 25° angled grip. Thanks Aris for a really good product!

  132. ZACHARY (verified owner)

  133. Nicholas Zaharias (verified owner)


  134. Santiago González Villares (verified owner)

    Hola,el agarre es perfecto,desde la primera flecha que tiré al colocarlo la sensación ha sido increible, tanto en solidez como en lo bien que se ajusta en mi mano. Muy bien el trabajo y la atención por tódos ustedes. Un salúdo

  135. Ronnie Dale (verified owner)

    Love the grip! Couldn’t be happier! Highly recommended

  136. Franz (verified owner)

    I use this grip with my decut – rhino and I’m totally sadisfied. Easy adapation, accurat screw fixation and a even better positioning in the grip improved my shooting!

  137. Manuel S. (verified owner)

    Ein richtig geiler Griff den ich da bekommen habe, und der Service ist absolut top. Danke Aris

  138. Muhammad Firdaus (verified owner)

    perfect fit grip for my riser…recommended

  139. Jitesh Mistry (verified owner)

    Lovely to use the Master Grip on my Gillo GQ, beautiful to behold and wonderful to shoot with.

  140. Pavlos (verified owner)

    Build quality is excellent, R-Core has very good guides to help you pick the right grip and their after-sales are excellent. I would recommend their grips to anyone who is currently not 100% comfortable with the stock grip on his/her riser or just wants a more personal touch.

  141. Alan Francis (verified owner)

    Great service and product, thanks from Australia 👍

  142. Roger Ståhlkrantz (verified owner)

    Very Good.

  143. John G. (verified owner)

    Fits well on the bow. Comfortable to shoot with.

  144. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and the grip is as good as expected. Bow feels a lot more consistent in the hand

  145. Michael T. (verified owner)


  146. Scott Potter (verified owner)

    Fantastic grip , especially in the glass JURASSIC Amber finish, excellent quality. Couldn’t be happier with the grip and the service and delivery. Highly recommend the master grip or any of the grips I’ve seen. Will be buying more in 2021. Awesome job.

  147. Emanuele Garofoli (verified owner)

    Originale ed unica, sia per il prodotto stesso artigianale, il materiale usato e sia per la comodità per la giusta impugnatura. Top for the Barebow.
    Ottima professionalità e disponibilità, nonché per la spedizione in tempi brevi.
    Grazie Aris💪🎯

  148. Robert Hopper (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my new R-Core grip, The Master, on my Spigarelli BB for nearly two months now. The feel, the consistency of seating in my hand is incredible. The first morning I used it I took it to the range and shot some exercises, focusing on consistent and clean shot execution and reducing the time to complete a shot. Wow! I not only shot some of the best groups I’ve shot ever, I actually shaved 2-3 seconds off of of the time of completing my entire shot process–this included taking my stance after the timer was triggered. What is so amazing is how helpful the lifeline ridge is. Also, with the fit of the grip I feel little if anything, which helps me focus on the other steps and my form. This grip has been a game changer for me, and I intend to get another for my next riser. I am not a “true believer” in anything, but I am fairly close to one regarding R-Core grips!

  149. Brent S. (verified owner)

    I love my R-Core “The Master” grip so much I bought a second for my other riser!

  150. André Driessen (verified owner)

    fits perfectly on my bow thnx Aris , my shooting became a lot more stable and consistent

  151. Skip P. (verified owner)

    R-Core saved me hours of effort by providing the perfect grip–outstanding customer experience.

  152. corvino serge (verified owner)

    the best grip i ever use

  153. ANTONIO NETO (verified owner)

    The grip is very good, the responsiviness of the companie is excellent. As far as the grip, I had to sand it in various points because there were rough areas and tips, that hurt my hand. So, the finishing of the grip may be improoved. Beside this I strongly recommend the grip.

  154. Franz M. (verified owner)

    Excellent piece of work!!

  155. Jeff D. (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and finish. Looks great too

  156. Jerome Oquiana (verified owner)

    Excellent looking Grip and not only that but i felt a lot of improvement in my shot. a few bubbles in the glass but otherwise its an excellent grip! Rcore communication is also top notch and i received the design as requested. will probably order one again! thank you!

  157. Jimmy Porseryd (verified owner)

    I am super happy with this grip
    The fit is very good and the grip fits my hand perfectly

  158. Τίμος Μ. (verified owner)

    Received ”The Master” R-Core grip in ancient bronze colour for the Win-Win Black-Wolf bow. It looks great and functions much better than the original wooden grip.
    Hand positioning is accurately defined by the presence of the lifeline ridge.
    Immediate shot results follow the quick installation of it. Very good product. Highly recommended.

  159. Kyle (verified owner)

    This grip feels great in the hand, and my shooting improved. 6/5. For me this grip was a blessing.

  160. Luca Rabitti (verified owner)

    Simply perfect, as the other 5 purchased 🙂

  161. Peter (verified owner)

    Awesome service, the master grip is much nicer than the original grip, very positive in the hand every shot.

  162. Luca Rabitti (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and construction

  163. Richard Ford (verified owner)

    Even though it was totally different from the stock grip it felt absolutely perfect. So perfect in fact that I didn’t even think about it while testing new arrows.

  164. Judith (verified owner)

    The grip feels very good, and I can get a good sense of my pressure point. And the color is fitting perfectly to my bow.

  165. Tommy Coleman (verified owner)

    I LOVE my R-Core grip. I especially like the texture on the grip and the lifeline ridge. Very repeatable hand placement and comfortable. Much better than what came with my riser.

  166. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Its a little bit narrow I expected wider. It would be very useful to give a some dimension.

  167. Randy L. (verified owner)

    Great, comfortable grip for my Gillo G2.

  168. Brent Selinger (verified owner)

    Great service and quality products. I am changing all of my grips to the R-Core “The Master” grip. I love how they feel and perform on my Gillo and Satori risers and they look great! Aris has been quick to respond to questions and very helpful.

  169. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very nice!!!

  170. Paulo simoes (verified owner)

    very good

  171. Dennis W. (verified owner)

    Fit is perfect! Great feel!

  172. Ray Manfull (verified owner)

    The best grip I have used up to now! Unbelievable shipping.

  173. Roel A. (verified owner)

    Love the grip, it feels great. Great quality and finish. A-class customer service.

  174. Katarzyna (verified owner)

    Excellent and fast service. Thank you!

  175. Henricus CM (verified owner)

    Quality of the product ( design, colour and finish ) is impeccable.
    Where the feel of a grip is a personal issue, it feels ‘perfect’ for me. ( but for sure I will give the other versions a try)
    Features as antis slip pattern and lifeline-ridge feel good (so I can get rid of the tennisgrip cover)
    I was pleasantly surprised by the overall service during ordering process and information about shipment.
    For sure me and fellow club members will return to this address for grip issues.

  176. Helen C. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service from the advice at the start to the beautifully packaged item. I have made huge strides in correcting my arm position since buying this item and it feels so much more comfortable to shoot. I don’t plan to be without one on my bow again and cannot recommend highly enough.

  177. Gregory Anderson (verified owner)

  178. Tilmann H. (verified owner)

    I love the grip. The Greek Walnut looks great and feels great. The contact with Aris was friendly and very helpful. My order was processed quite fast, shipping to Germany was amazingly fast: 24 hours!

  179. David (verified owner)

    Best service and awesome product!!

  180. Guy H. (verified owner)

    Great grips & very fast shipping. After receiving mine, two of my friends placed orders!

  181. Wesley Curran (verified owner)

    Aris was extremely informative. He helped me pick out the proper grip for me. Customer for life!

  182. David E. (verified owner)

    Grip arrived fairly quickly and has already made a BIG difference in my shooting. I was having some elbow pain issues with my standard Hoyt grip, but the higher angle on the R-Core (I went with 45 degrees) results in less wrist flexion, so my elbow pain is nearly gone after just a couple of weeks. Thanks, R-Core!

  183. Anonymous (verified owner)

  184. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the grip. Great look and feel. It has helped keep my hand in the proper position which has increased my accuracy. I would highly recommend you purchase one for your bow.

  185. Don (verified owner)

    Received the grip faster than expected (Covid-19 delays need not apply all the time), which was a first bonus point. Unboxing: packaging not overdone, largely recyclable but neat and good-looking. Complete contents, with grip, antislip strip and a few goodies 🙂 Beautiful wooden grip (Greek walnut)! Mounting on the bow: perfect fit once I had sanded down a curved inside with just a few flicks of the sandpaper (not bad for the rare LH Spigarelli Revolution, which Aris did not have ‘IRL’), much better fit than the original grip! As others said: you immediately feel the correct hand position due to the angular design along the hand’s lifeline. The slightly raised lifeline (an option I chose) is not needed for the Master, but does not irritate at all, either. The only downside after a few weeks and hundreds of shots is that my dry skin (we must wash our hands all the time due to the COVID-19 threat, don’t we?) sometimes has too little grip on the wood. But that’s not been bad enough yet to stick on the antislip strip that was part of the package. Maybe plastic gives more friction and is an even better choice than wood? I hesitate between rating 4 and 5, but if you make the right choices, a, 5-star experience is almost guaranteed.

  186. Ben Watterson (verified owner)

    Great delivery time considering covid and brexit. Great grip as always! Love r core product’s

  187. Edgardo Bondoc (verified owner)

    It certainly help improve the feel of my grip on the bow and my shooting black wolf. Will try the wood next time.

  188. Corey S L. (verified owner)

    I really like this grip. I was using a Hoyt low from another manufacturer, but it wasn’t offered for the Kinetic risers. As such, I gave RCore a try. At first I was skeptical of the material. I tend to get sweaty palms so I was worried. After using it for a few week I have no concerns whatsoever. The grip sits well in my hand and feels great. Nice work!

  189. Liviu (verified owner)

    Excellent! Initially I couldn’t believe it can make such a difference. Absolutely recommended

  190. giuseppe v. (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied, it is just how I wanted it. Thank you

  191. Amanda Rose (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Bow now feels like an extension of my arm. Fits my palm perfectly.

  192. Markus (verified owner)

    The Master is such a comfortable grip and really well made.

  193. Michael Montoya (verified owner)

    Total game changer. Stock satori grip felt like a bar of soap. The master is comfortable and repeatable, not to mention stylish. Will definitely be recommending r core to my fellow single string weirdos!

  194. Thomas Martins (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the best experiences I have had in purchasing archery equipment. Aris at Rcore is in the realm of Black Widow Bows and Border Archery with his customer service, willingness to help the customer, and overall provide an amazing experience. I will be outfitting all of my bows with new grips based on the service alone but that’s not to say the product doesn’t match the service. Truly over the top on all ends! I couldn’t be happier and strongly recommend this company and product line.

  195. Igor P. (verified owner)

    Best grip I ever have

  196. jonas leksell (verified owner)

  197. JASON WESTLIND (verified owner)

    These grips have been my best friends! I have several. I just received a Master in Purple Heart and just love the shape and warm feel of it. Aris is such a pleasure to work with. These grips have really added some personality and sparkle to my bows. Plus they fit and feel so nice.

  198. John D. (verified owner)

    Ordered a American Walnut wood version in a mid angle with the lifeline ridge & pyramidal anti slip pattern for my Chaser Python to replace the default grip. It arrived well packaged in it’s lovely box. Fits perfectly on my riser and the change over was quick and easy. Using the grip I get a better and more consistent grip on my bow each time than the default grip.

  199. Andrew W. (verified owner)

    Bit improvement, fits like a glove, which in itself helps you mentally. And crazy fast delivery considering its coming across Europe.

  200. david lamoreaux (verified owner)

    rcore are the best great grips and service!

  201. David Philpott (verified owner)

    Top quality product and great service as usual

  202. Ian B. (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with my new master R core grip. It’s beautifully designed to make sure the hand posture remains a constant 45 degree angle throughout very shot and have noticed a huge difference in performance in my gillo GT riser! With very clear easy to follow instructions on their website I would highly recommend to anyone many thanks.

  203. Tyler W. (verified owner)

    Fit and quality is quite a bit above another brand that is very well known and pushed as the best. The difference is day and night, great product and even better service. This is now my ILF go to grip brand.

  204. Peter (verified owner)

  205. John Nikoloudis (verified owner)

    Best upgrade yet!

  206. Bertram Meijer (verified owner)

  207. Paul (verified owner)

    Good website, smooth ordering proces, fast shipping, beautiful grip that fits like a glove, all at a decent price.

  208. Phong Ho (verified owner)

    This grip fits my hand very well, it really helps keep me consistent.

  209. Phil S. (verified owner)

    Very happy with how the grip fits my hand. Helps to keep a good consistent hand position and is the most comfortable grip I’ve used. Would definitely recommend as a worthy addition to any riser.

  210. Steve Smith (verified owner)

    Awsome grip just right for my hand

  211. Sabine S. (verified owner)

    I like it: it is very comfortable and my groups are much better, because I am able to hold my Gillo more stable.
    Boring black is a very beautiful, subtle colour.
    Thank you, Aris!

  212. Martin Hájek (verified owner)

    Excellent grip for my body movements. It GREATLY improved my groupings of arrows and tests scores.
    Furthermore, the delivery service was excellent too: quick and quality.

  213. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Verry happy with the Grip and the Service Aris was providing. Can it recomend without any doubt

  214. Rafael Vega (verified owner)

    Shooting Barebow so I went for The Master in “compounder” height. Pfffff; what a fantastic grip! Hand falls in place naturally…no overthinking there. And R-Core has one of the best CService out there!

  215. Jonathan Gill (verified owner)

    One of my favorite wood grips. Have one on my tempest and hope to have one for my DAS soon.

  216. dennis eriksson (verified owner)

    Best grip i ever had and i have been shooting since 1973 😉
    it is actually the first grip that lets my thumb not press against the riser so i can really say go get one 😀

  217. Raik (verified owner)

    Sorry – I have to say that the fit to my Kinetic Adeo riser was not really good. I needed to fix a 3mm gap to the riser with Sugru. Not really what I’ve expected from a 70€ grip!

  218. Michael Ries (verified owner)

    Beautyfull work. Very nice to shoot.

  219. Geoff Stuart (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and better feel with less torque on the bow

  220. Timothy S. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit on the riser. Love the way it feels. R-core is very good to deal with especially since they are half way around the world from me. These are the only grips I will use from now on.

  221. JEFFREY P. (verified owner)

    Best grip ever!

  222. Helen (verified owner)

    This grip is beautifully made and has upgraded both the look and feel of my bow. More importantly my shooting has improved dramatically and is so much easier and more comfortable. I would not be without my Rcore grip Excellent customer support, great presentation and a quality product. Archery happiness indeed ❤

  223. Michal Batora (verified owner)

  224. Collette Webster (verified owner)

    Great shape grip loving the extra grip tread (especially in this heat)! My only issue was there was a rough edge at the top of the grip which cut my hand the first time using it. Gave it a quick file with a nail file and now it’s perfect, so just something to be mindful of.

  225. Winfried Fuchs (verified owner)

    R-Core “The Master” – american walnut wood with Lifeline Ridge and hexogonal anti slip pattern. Excellent made! Fits perfectly in my hand. No torque. A real quality product. Thanks for the fast delivery.

  226. thomas k. (verified owner)

    very happy with my RCore grip! i ordered the Master (low, purpleheart, with lifeline ridge and hexagonal anti-slip palm pattern). great workmanship, comfortable to hold, and visually stunning. turn-around time was quick, and shipping to the U.S. was no problem. the throat of the Master may be just a little tight for my bear paw hands, and i am contemplating to add an RCore K..T.E.E.N.O.S or Tax Evasion to my grip quiver. overall an amazing improvement over the standard Hoyt grip in build, feel, and looks. highly recommended!

  227. Steve P. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, fits the shape of the hand very well and is made out of good quality walnut . Very happy with the custom engraving that Aris did as well. If I ever need another grip I’m ordering from here again.

  228. Henrik Schweickl (verified owner)

    Great grip, material feels good, geometrie is perfect for me

  229. Andreas Holzmüller (verified owner)

  230. Elliott (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product arrived in good time, and has improved my grouping, no need to think about hand position.

  231. EDWARD SALLEY (verified owner)

    Grip delivered promptly. Fit my bow well. Performed as expected.

  232. Michael Clark (verified owner)

  233. Stephen C. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my new grip, i was having issues and trying different positions and lots of moulding plastic!
    This has done the trick and looks great on my Gillo G1 love the Greek Walnut. Would reccomend R-Core to anybody.

  234. Tom Howell (verified owner)

    The grips provide a fit that provides a consistent repeatable shot which leads to scoring improvement. I have (2) grips for different manufactures and both fit and preform great, exceptional attention to detail…

  235. thomas k. (verified owner)

    this was the my second purchase from R-Core, and a custom order based on The Master modified with design aspects of a Dryad Trad Bow IC-23 riser. the modified grip is an excellent fit for my bow hand. iteration on the custom design was easy and quick, production and shipping was fast. best experience! highly recommend R-Core over other grip manufacturers.

  236. Victor Simons (verified owner)

    Thank you, excellent services. Great selections and options.

  237. Claus (verified owner)

    First class customer service, great fit and finish of the grips.

  238. Michael McCulloch (verified owner)

    I would like to order more grips. But your shipping cost of $20 is insanely high for such a small package.

    • Vicky Papagrigoriou (store manager)

      Hi Michael!

      Thank you for sharing your feedback.
      We used to deliver our packages using the national carrier, however, due to covid, we were experiencing massive delays
      so we had to change the provider to UPS. The cost was $11 and it wasn’t worth the disappointment.

      Hope this explains.

  239. Jitesh Mistry (verified owner)

    Fantastic grip, love the glass finish!

  240. Jitesh Mistry (verified owner)

    Fantastic Grip, such a joy to shoot. Cannot go back to stock grips after this experience!

  241. Helen (verified owner)

    I loved this grip so much that I bought another for my field bow. Has almost completely cured my problem with hitting my arm, improved consistency and comfort dramatically and it looks gorgeous too. I wouldn’t be without it now. Thank you ❤️😁

  242. Stephan (verified owner)

    Ok how should I start? Absolutely brilliant in each step. Professional Customer Support in questions and answers, shipping times and all others absolutely great and I’m sure it wasn’t my last grip from R-Core
    The grip himself fits great into my hand and the result at the target speaks for himself
    Thank you Aris

  243. Phillip Shepherd (verified owner)

    The Master grip feels really comfortable with the lifeline making it easy to place the hand in the same position every time giving a much more consistent and stronger shoot.

  244. David Allen (verified owner)

    This grip fits well to the hand forcing you to employ a repeatable position, which is essential, and thus improving your accuracy and groupings. Brilliant !

  245. Hilary C. (verified owner)

    The choice of grips is tremendous and it was really difficult to choose the style and material. I am delighted with the grip I finally settled on, and I feel I have a more consistent contact with my bow. The packaging was excellent and I found the delivery timescales fine, it arrived earlier than the estimated timescale. No problem with customs into UK.

  246. Glenn Dawe (verified owner)

    Places my hand exactly where it needs to be. My scores are improving and it builds confidence when competing

  247. Danchen (verified owner)

    The master grip fits my hand well. Love the lifeline ridge which at the bottom curves to follow my thumb pad which is a nice touch. Would have loved more anti slip options especially in the throat area or higher up in the back, since the back of the grip for me is covered with a grip trigger so neither of the current two options would help much. I ended up using grip tape which probably would work better than any plastic anti slip texture anyway.

  248. Michael hudson (verified owner)

    Awesome grip have one on every bow I own cool that you do color also

  249. Laurent (verified owner)

    Easy and perfect !

  250. Gil G. (verified owner)

    Grip arrived in the US in less than a week. Packaging was nice . Grip angles and features are well thought out and feels very consistent for me compared to the previous grip on my Black Wolf riser. Very happy with the purchase.

  251. jeff waugh (verified owner)

    poor fit to riser. had to be adjusted. also rattles. hand fit is also poor. uncomfortable and gets slick and hard to hold after very few shots. rubbed a blister on the base of my thumb against the top of the grip. had to file and use grip tape and glove to shoot to prevent hand damage.

  252. Anja Birkenfeld (verified owner)

    Der Master ist ein supertoller Griff. Ich habe ihn für meinen Gillo bestellt und bin sehr zufrieden! Die Kommunikation mit Aris war sehr hilfreich und hat mir geholfen, die richtige Konfiguration zu finden. Das Material (Glas) und die Farbe (Blau) sehen toll aus. Auch der Druck meines jpg Bildes auf dem Griff ist richtig gut geworden!!! Dankeschön.)

  253. christoph graef (verified owner)

    Excellent Service, many thanks Aris for the grip(s). 😉

  254. Timo (verified owner)

    Absolutely superb grip. Thank you!

  255. Richard Abbott (verified owner)

    My experience with r-core was Extremely positive! And I love the grips that they made for me!

  256. Michael C. (verified owner)

    This is my 2cd set of R-Core Grips I’ve ordered. I loved the first set so much, when I ordered my my 2cd Samick Discovery riser I immediately ordered another Masters Grip since it’s well designed, fits the riser perfectly and totally improved my shot process and accuracy. I’d totally recommend buying your next custom grip from R-Core!

  257. Zoran Velagić (verified owner)

    Walnut compound-like variant is the best grip I’ve used up to now, and I’ve tried dozen of them. Lifeline ridge greatly helps in consistency and self-confidence. I’ll order the same one for my other bow.

  258. Lance S. (verified owner)

    Perfect hand placement each and every time. Very well made product.

  259. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great customer service

  260. JOHN F. (verified owner)

    The web site is easy and fun to use and being very informative about the products they offer. The grip I purchased was exactly what I picked out and has worked very well for me. The quality, workmanship and fit and finish is superb. I have told my shooting buddies about this company and I would buy from them again.

  261. Peter Nguyen (verified owner)

    Love the grip love the service love R Core!

  262. Dennis (verified owner)

    Very nice feeling with the transparent material in brown color. Was also super helpful in helping with custom engraving

  263. Thomas Hermosillo (verified owner)

  264. John R. (verified owner)

    I have had this grip on now for a month, this is my grip!! the larger anti slip patch runs down my life line in my hand. When I perspire I still have feel. I live in fl.
    Great job, the colors are as seen in your site.

  265. Dan B. (verified owner)

    Excellent grip for my satori bow. The grip design helps ensure I have consistency of grip and hand placement which improves the accuracy and consistency of my shit process. Outstanding product, easy to add to you bow and quick shipping.

  266. Dennis K. (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product. It’s well made and was extremely easy to fit to my riser. I would be more than happy to recommend these grips to anyone. An excellent product and an excellent company to deal with.

  267. Jeff D. (verified owner)

    The grip fit my Samick Discovery perfectly. The lifeline ridge adds just the right feel so my grip is more consistent.

  268. Dejan (verified owner)

    Hi Team R-Core!
    I took my time with my review.
    I installed my new grip as soon as I received it and have now tested it extensively for the past two months.
    I’m thrilled and will be ordering two more for my other Risers in the next few days.

    One thing, please: Can you please send a tracking number by email after the package has been sent ???

    Greetings from Vienna Dejan

  269. Elfrid (verified owner)

    The grip was excellent and fits perfect in my hand. The delivery was extremely fast. So i can recommend this site.

  270. Zbigniew S. (verified owner)

    The shape of the handle makes it easier to hold the bow properly. And my Satori looks lovely!

  271. William Smith (verified owner)

    The grip came sooner than expected and well-packaged. My Master grip is an excellent product; fits hand perfectly and automatically puts your hand into the correct position setting you up for a good shot. The fit is superb and the texturing stops slippage. I also want to say that the packaging and presentation of the grip was extraordinary. A nice box, coloured paper packing, business card and pen all speak of someone pretty keen on fostering customer satisfaction. May only gripe was that I ordered just before the Black Friday reduction came into force.

  272. Harrison (verified owner)

    Excellent and prompt customer service

  273. andy71pye (verified owner)

    Got this in high grip Eyes of Hades black finish, the quality and finish is second to none and the speed of dispatch is amazing. 5* all round

  274. Ioannis Chrisinas (verified owner)

    The quality, practicality and overall feeling of this grip is fantastic. The service, packaging and delivery extremely quick and the website explains perfect all aspects. Its an amazing grip and in super nice price. Me and most of my team members in UK we use them and all have great satisfaction as also fits all bow models perfectly.

  275. Markus Österle (verified owner)

    My second wooden “the master”, I would buy another one if I had a riser for it. Best grip I’ve ever shot.

  276. Michael P. (verified owner)

    Fantastic service, and a great looking/feeling grip. Asked several questions a while ago to choose the right grip. Decided to take the plunge, and so pleased I did. Bow now nestles in the hand, and the green looks great on the riser. Thoroughly recommend.

  277. Arturo Baltao (verified owner)

    Superb grip.

  278. Lee a Meyers (verified owner)

  279. Peter Stojka (verified owner)

    Very nice and comfortable grip for my Spigarelli Revolution II handle in Hoyt grip angle. They have many variants of the grips to customize handle in your own style. I applaud to RCore company to theirs idea and work.

  280. Higinio Mora Miguel (verified owner)

    Estoy muy contento y satisfecho gracias.

  281. Markus (verified owner)

    Perfectly fits my bow and my hand 🙂

  282. Chris Pleasants (verified owner)

    2 Superb grips arrived really quickly. Fitted our Gillo GT and Hoyt Formula Xi perfectly and feel fantastic to shoot. I believe this is the grip I’ve been looking for for many years! Thanks Aris.

  283. Kerry Hoole (verified owner)

    Aris spent a lot of time answering my questions on messenger to what would suit me best. Great service and a quick turnaround given it was the run up to Christmas.

  284. Steven (verified owner)

    Grip came out better then I expected. Fits my hand and bow perfectly. It also came in a timely fashion and the Packaging was was top notch. 5 stars R-CORE

  285. Tobias (verified owner)

    The default grip on my Hoyt Satori just didn‘t provide the profile that allowed me a repeatable shot cycle. Hence, I got aware of R-Core grips while paging thru Jake Kaminskis Youtube channel and when checking out the multiple options, the folks of R-Core got me. The „Master“ in plastic seems 3D printed, but in a hardly recognisable manner, and has a nice touch to it. The pyramidal pattern glues the 38° mid angle grip just where I want it in my palm and is exactly what I was looking for. Shipping came suprisingly fast and I had the grip within 4 days in Germany already. Highly recommended for everyone seriously shooting a bow. Thanks.

  286. Wayne F. (verified owner)

    Gave this to my shooting buddy and he immediately improved his barebow shots! Then I bought another because it is so solid. A real good grip for barebow archers.

  287. Yu En (verified owner)

    Amazing grip, better than expected and loving it a lot

  288. Justin Cross (verified owner)

    Outstanding improvement over my factory grip. Aris was extremely helpful and very quick to respond. He made them a custom angle that would work across the three risers I use and going from one bow to the next feels excellent. Can’t recommend enough.

  289. Andreas K.

    Super quality and very nice finish. Appearance far beyond series plastic grip. Strong edge on palm side really supports me (as a beginner) to “feel” the right grip. Why four stars and not five? Grip was bought for W&W vantage and seems to be designed to fit to other W&W risers as well. This leads to 2-3mm gap at the upper right transition from grip to riser. Does not affect function, but is no seamless appearance. Nevertheless, worthy upgrade to my bow!

  290. Urban (verified owner)

    A very good grip and feels great in tje hand.

  291. Henricus CM Van de Vondervoort (verified owner)

    I was happily using the R-Core grip model ‘The Master’ on my previous bow. With my new bow, I wanted to update the view of the grip from ‘Boring Black’ to a ‘vivid wood’ colour. My old grip will have good use on the bow of one of my students.

  292. Bob Lehenbauer (verified owner)

    Had a little mix up on order, but was resolved in less than 24 hours. Super fast shipping, love the grip.

  293. Frank H. (verified owner)

    Quality and fit are excellent

  294. Ashton Ballou (verified owner)

  295. Massimo Chiudaroli (verified owner)

    It’s very confortabile and i have improved my performance, i councel ti my Archery friends.

  296. Andrew Pye (verified owner)

    Totally awesome product and the service, communication and despatch are way above 5*. Highly recommended

  297. Russ (verified owner)

    It’s the second grip i have bought from Aris and i can not fault the product for its fit to the riser, and thankfully it has also had a positive impact on my shooting. Ordered the item in Christmas week and Aris managed to get the item to me before Christmas Day. Happy to recommend R core as a supplier good product and great customer service.

  298. Mike Schofield (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the grip, although I have a couple of reservations. The main reason for buying, was the textured face option as my wood “grip” is not grippy in the wet, I have yet to test the R-Core, but the texturing is lighter than I expected. Secondly the price…😱 I appreciate it’s a one off, made to order special, but it’s £80 by the time it gets to the UK, certainly makes you think twice before ordering a second… What I particularly like is the life line ridge, my bow is already feeling much more secure and consistent in hand….. time will tell how the glass finish will hold up and keep its colour.

  299. Daniel Proulx (verified owner)

  300. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the grip.

    The screws that came with the bow have fairly tall heads which are fine with the grip that came with the bow (Mybo Elite) but stick out with the grip I got from you. It could be nice to include some screws that are the right size for the bow/grip combination. But otherwise it is an excellent grip.

  301. BRADLEY WRIGHT (verified owner)

    Could not of asked for better service and assistance designing my custom grip. Thanks Aris

  302. MASON STOLTZFUS (verified owner)

    I am super pleased with my custom grip, color looks great! It will definitely not be my last r core grip, thank you for the speedy shipping!

  303. Thomas Knüpfer (verified owner)

  304. Roger S. (verified owner)

    The grip is perfect. I will order this for all my ILF bows. Thanks for an awesome job!

  305. Robert Burns (verified owner)

    Excellent grip which was shipped to the UK in the stated timescale. In addition I received fabulous after sale service from Aris. I can thoroughly recommend R Core grips.

  306. David (verified owner)

    nice grip

  307. Jason Hooley (verified owner)

    R-core grips are some of the best! Hand placement is consistent and comfortable!

  308. Lexel Martin Enecio (verified owner)

    Fits very good in the hand. This grip allows you to place your hand consistently when shooting.

  309. Tyrone (verified owner)

    Pretty solid grip! It fits in my hand and it feels sturdy! Thanks!

  310. Michael McCulloch (verified owner)

    Love it, except the screw hole edge is sharp and diga into my finger. I filled it with sugru which helps

  311. Jon Persson (verified owner)

    Master mid low in “eyes of hades” black plastic.

    Love the grip and it’s anti torque design. Pyramidal anti slip with life line ridge. Love the feel of this plastic. Friction of the material and the pyramidal pattern keeps the hand firmly in place.

    I shoot barebow and string walk. Recommend this grip.

  312. Shawn M. (verified owner)

    The grip is great, and exactly what I needed! Top quality, with speedy communication & delivery.

  313. Joseph Klein (verified owner)

    This was my first grip from rcore, but won’t be my last. I’ve never had a more repeatable grip, and my shooting has definitely improved. I’m a huge fan!

  314. William Allan Ferguson (verified owner)

    Excellent transaction, fast delivery, grip well wrapped and well made. Thank you guys. A++++++++++++++

  315. Kjell Terje Bøe (verified owner)

    Perfect grip 👍

  316. Alessio Sinigaglia (verified owner)

    Perfect handle, comfort and stability!

  317. Horst (verified owner)

    Hallo Aris, der Master ist ein super Griff und liegt sehr gut in der Hand. Die Lieferung war sehr schnell, 3 Tage ab Bestellung.

  318. Matthias Schilling (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. I love those grips 🥰

  319. Graham Coulson (verified owner)

    The grip itself is well made and feels good in the hand. Unfortunately, it is not the best fit to the riser and has gaps around the sides where it butts up. It really doesn’t look a good finish to the bow. Disappointed!

  320. Cesar Pinon (verified owner)

    It was a pleasant surprise when I received my Rcore grip, the first thing is a very careful and tasteful packaging.
    And when you see and touch the grip you can see that it is very well made product, when mounting it on my riser it is perfect and it looks spectacular on my bow.
    The sensation when taking the bow feels immediately very comfortable and safe, and most importantly, the results on my target were seen immediately.
    Very satisfied with my grip, I highly recommend it.

  321. Ken C. (verified owner)

    Wood grip has a nice feel. Fit to my Samick Athlete riser is excellent. Mounting screws fit right.
    Raised palm ridge is helpful during set, and not noticeable at anchor. The hexagonal grip pattern is nonslip even in desert heat. Looks great, feels even better. Packing is secure and shipping estimated arrival date are accurate. Recommend.

  322. Antoine Capelle (verified owner)

    One more time Rcore show us a perfect job. The grips are perfect, amazing and wonderful. For sure it will help me to be better and accurate my chance to win.

  323. Robert Zaboš (verified owner)

    Like a glove, perfect. Life line ridge
    always warn me where to position my bow arm. 38° is just perfect for my bare bow shooting style. I recomend it.

  324. Günter (verified owner)

  325. Paul G. (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient service; really nice grip. I’ll be back.

  326. Jason Hooley (verified owner)

    Rcore has amazing customer service! I had a grip that was defective and he sent me a new one and was very good to work with! Also when I wanted a grip lower then he thought he could fit onto my riser he went back to the drawing board and came up with one and it worked fantastic!! Great product and great service 👍👍

  327. Robert Kubica (verified owner)

    Love the colours. The grip is one of the best thing i purchased on my bow. With hexagon pattern and ridge, my hand comes on same position every time. So i purchased one more for my second bow

  328. Kevin (verified owner)

  329. Kam Wah Wu (verified owner)

    More Comfortable to hold the bow than the Hoyt orginal grip!

  330. Anthony L. (verified owner)

    I ordered a Master and Tax Evasion at the same time. Both with identical specs .The Master feels and sits nice in the hand. I ordered medium with the life line, hex pattern anti-slip, and in glass. The life line ridge is not as pronounced in the Master as it is in the Tax Evasion which resulted in me needing to order further customization to increase the height of the life line ridge. It’s for this reason, and this reason only, that I rate it 4 of 5. If the ridge on the Master came with the higher life line ridge from the start, it would be a 5 of 5 all day long. With the tweak that R-Core made for me, it’s now more pronounced and feels similar to the Tax Evasion. Fit and finish are what I would expect for a grip at this price in that both are excellent and top notch as is customer service.

  331. Joseph (verified owner)

    As for the actual grip I received it’s is as described textured pal pad and lifeline.
    It’s tough to buy a grip that you can’t actually put your hand on for the feel before purchasing. So I received the grip and found it to be smaller in my hand than I would like. So for me it was wasted money. They are located in Greece so I chose the cheeper $13 shipping which took a while.

  332. Amanda K. (verified owner)

  333. Karma Choesang (verified owner)

  334. Wolfgang H. (verified owner)

    the bow is very exactly an precisly to hold with

  335. Michael Kupetsky (verified owner)

  336. Frank B. (verified owner)

    Grip fit perfectly. Aris was great to work with helping me find just the right color. No delays in getting the project into the production queue and shipping was fast. Will be purchasing from him in the future as I add new risers to my collection.

  337. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love my grips , service great.
    Going to order another soon.
    Elizabeth paid for my grips with her credit card, this is Vic Richardson

  338. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality on the walnut grip. I have the plastic grip as well. The walnut fits more seemlessly. I have a JC Sniper 19″ riser which is a beautiful and excellently machined riser. In the spring of 2022, R-Core provided a smooth transaction with shipping to my location in California well within the anticipated duration.

  339. Tilmann H. (verified owner)

    That’s my second “The Master” grip. The first one is “low” and I wanted to try it in “medium”. The grip feels and shoots great. It’s made of Greek walnut and I really love it. Delivery was really fast. I’m a happy customer.

  340. Cristian Giron (verified owner)

    Overall these grips are very well made and have helped me keep a consistent grip on my bows. Installing them was very easy on my Hoyt Xceed but there seems have been an issue with the alignment for the screw holes for my Fivics Vellator. One or both holes may be an eighth of an inch or less off. Was still able to screw the grip on but it was not as well aligned as my Exceed grip.

  341. Sébastien Elet (verified owner)

    I first ordered a mid grip which was a bit lower than my original win & win. On the first championship I beat my personal record by 1 point. Then I ordered a high grip and I beat my record by 26 points. It’s really confortable and fit perfectly on my riser.

  342. Jason H. (verified owner)

    I am a repeat customer and a happy one! They have a great product and outstanding customer service!

  343. Stephen Ryall (verified owner)

    Very poor as a hand grip , in my opinion from being a shooter for more than 40 years , there is more to a grip than having generic shapes

  344. Tim Fink (verified owner)

    The only grips i use anymore are from rcore, 10/10

  345. Remote

    This has been a game changer. Feel like I have a new bow. It is radically torque-free and promotes excellent bone-on-bone alignment. If you try this grip, get it with the lifeline ridge. I shoot it on a hunting riser at a heavy weight and it does not hurt the hand, as some may worry. I no longer need to think about proper grip placement; the grip does that for me, instructing the hand.

    I got mine for the F261 riser, in walnut.

    Very pleased with this significant upgrade to my shooting experience.

  346. Azizul Aziz (verified owner)

    This is my second grip from R-Core with the first being the Kaminski Barebow in plastic and in the default angle. Although I loved it very much, I found that the base to be a bit wide and somehow felt the angle to not be low enough.

    After a bit of back and forth, I decided to go for the Master in glass-like and at the low angle. Love the material and barring trying wood, this is not slippery at all for my hand. At first when I first tried it, it seems all is well but after a month of shooting, I do prefer the thumb placement on the Kaminski Barebow more and the palm area is a touch narrow. Also, I found that with the low angle, I don’t equalize my tension as well and it keeps going to the front more.

    As per my previous conversation with Aris, the Kaminski Recurve in default and in glass is on the cards.

    Thank you so much for such great products and your customer service could not be beat. The journey to the right grip continues!

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