The R-Core scorable target face generator

With this face generator, you can create custom target faces as downloadable PDFs that not only are in proportion to the distance you shoot, but take into account your line cutters. 

For this, you need to input your arrow thickness and the target face is adjusted accordingly.

Instructions for a custom target

Just set your parameters. For example, the indoor WA target for barebow is 40cm (first field) and the outdoor target is 122cm.
The normal distance is how far the target would be in a normal setting (e.g 20yards/18m) and then, your available distance should be set. 

The thickness of the arrows is also needed. 

Given the parameters, the target face that is produced, is also “scorable”. Meaning that you can normally score it as you would in a tournament. The line cut is still correct. 

There might be some extreme cases where the 10 ring is not even there. If your arrows are very thick and the target very near, there might be no 10s to score. 

Hope this helps you stay awesome in these difficult CoViD-19 times!

  • You can use these targets wherever you want, for whatever reason. Please do not modify the code, output or PDF. 

Create your target!

I want to shoot a cm face
the X ring
I would normally shoot this at meters
... but my available distance is meters
And my arrows are mm thick
I want a target
I will print the target in paper
In orientation

* If a PDF document is not generated please try another browser or a laptop/desktop computer. Some mobile browsers may not support the PDF generation.

What we do

RCore loves archery. This is why we offer the custom target generator completely free to all. If you loved the target generator and are on the lookout to upgrade your game, check out our products!

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