Why We Ask for the Measurements of Your Riser

When you place a new order, there’s a chance you’ll receive an email seeking confirmation of your riser’s thickness.

This crucial step allows us to make precise adjustments, ensuring that the grip you receive fits your riser perfectly, without any installation difficulties or need modification.

In the case of some brand risers, like Win & Win, variations in styles and designs lead to significant differences in thickness.

At our workshop, we have six different Win & Win risers, where the size (25-27 inches) and thickness under the grip can vary between models and batches, influenced by factors like manufacturing date, paint style, and more.

Similar variations may occur with other brands, such as Kinetic, where differences are often attributed to poor quality machining work.

The need for measurements is specific to riser brands that may exhibit variations in the interface width. If your riser doesn’t fall into that category, we won’t request verification for the dimensions of the interface.