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R-Core R3 DIY grip building kit

Make your own, totally customized grip easily and safely. 

Totally reusable. Re-mold it to your liking even after shooting with it. Make your ideal grip shape after as many iterations you may need. 

Skin and food safe, without fumes, non toxic.

Comes with a “blank” grip, material to build with, sandpaper and instructions. 

Just choose your riser brand !






With the R-Core R3 Moldable DIY grip kit, you can make your own, totally customized grip easily and safely. 

The grip and material are totally reusable, so you can re-mold it to your liking even after shooting with it. With just one kit, you can reach your ideal grip shape after as many iterations you may need. 

The thermoplastic included, is skin and food safe, does not produce any fumes and it is non toxic. It is much safer than building your grip with epoxy putty, which produces fumes, and may cause an allergic reaction to skin.

In the kit, you get :

R3 Moldable DIY kit for custom bow grip

  • a “blnk” grip, which is a neutral, low grip which you can freely build upon, that fits perfectly to the riser of your choice. 
  • Two packs (60grams total) of thermo-moldable plastic granules, enough to build a big grip, in high angle and still have material left for experiments. 
  • A printed guide (and an ever-updated downloadable PDF) on how to go with the process
  • 3 pieces of different grits of sandpaper, to finish the grip to your liking. 


Scan and multi-reproduce

We will soon offer a scan/reproduce service.

  • You send in your R3 kit grip, in it’s final form
  • You choose the material/color combination you like
  • We scan it and print it for you, in your selected color
  • As an additional bonus, you can order the exact same grip for any other riser you have. 

Soon in a browser near you!



Additional information

Bow brand Akusta Fotron/Tenbris, Border Tempest, Bosen Stronghold, CD archery WF series, Chaser Archery Python, Core (Astral), Core (gonexo, refine), Decut / X-Spot (Rhino), Decut Basha Pro, F161/F261, Fivics Titan EX/Argon X, Fivics/Krossen (not Fivics Titan EX), Gillo G1/G2, Gillo GQ/GT, Greenhorn Sirius, Hoyt Ancient (Avalon, Axis, Matrix), Hoyt new (GMX, Epik, Alero, Xceed etc), Hoyt old (Helix, Nexus, Horizon etc), Hoyt TD4, Hoyt TD4/Gold Medalist, Kap (Winstorm/Challenger), Kinetic MEOS/Vygo, Kinetic Stylized, Kinetic Valenz, Mybo, Samick Discovery, Samick low end (avante, privilege), Samick Masters, Spigarelli DMS, Zen, BB, Spigarelli Explorer/Old BB/Old Club, Spigarelli Revolution, Stark (real/ligero), Stark Futura, Stolid Bull Black Thunder, Stolid Bull Vanquish, Stolid Bull Vanquish SX, Uukha UPro, Uukha XPro, W&W AXT and compatibles (Aluminum riser), W&W Black Wolf/RCX17, W&W CXT and compatibles (Carbon risers), W&W Nano MAX/Inno MAX, W&W X-pert, WNS, WNS FC-100/W&W RCX-100/Rapido/KAP Cyclone/Kinetic Adeo, Zenit Best
Handedness Right handed (you grip the bow with the left hand), Left handed (you grip the bow with the right hand)


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