How to take care of your grip

The philosophy of RCore grip design is to provide a product without any manufacturing restrictions.
This means we start with the design and work around any material constraints.

As a result, the tolerances of the RCore grips are tighter than your usual OEM grip, which is why we may ask for additional measurements. This is especially true for W&W risers, whose width can vary even within the same model, depending on the riser size, date of manufacture, and paint/anodizing style.

Moreover, some designs call for delicate dimensions and thicknesses on the grip. It is not unusual to have a grip with one millimeter of material at the throat to accommodate the original design specifications.

Of course, the design could be adjusted to add bulk but this would defeat its purpose. For this reason, the grips should be treated as any other delicate part of your bow.

You should protect them from the elements (extended direct sunlight, excessive forces irrelevant to shooting) and take care of the stand you are using. Don’t drop it on the stand and ensure the hook is smooth to prevent scratches on the surface of the grip. All grips have a 30-day warranty for defective materials or manufacturing. If something is wrong, it will present itself when you put the grip on.


July 20st - August 8th

July 21st - August 10th

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Our e-shop will not be accepting new orders between July 20th and August 8th.

All orders placed prior to that date will be completed by July 31st

Our e-shop will resume regular operation on August 9th. 

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