Rcore - Custom Bow Grips and Accessories

Battle-tested Grip designs for Human Hands,
tested on Real Risers for #Perfect-fit

Custom Bow Grip Design and Manufacture for your Archery Success

No two hands are alike

Wonder why every different brand offers a different style of grip? That's because there is no one "good grip". Every hand is different.
We do have designs that fit four major styles of palm physiology, all available on different grip heights.
For special hands, we do customize the design to fit the hand.

Perfect fit on your riser!

We use real risers to test each grip before it leaves the store. And we design for each riser individually, to make sure the fit is cracking!

No "Templates" or one-size-fits-all solutions.
The grip you get is for the riser you hold, without the need to over-tighten the screws to stop wobbling

Know-how from automotive CAE

We hail from automotive design and manufacturing and we’ve been designing and printing grips since "3D print" was an accepted term. The result, is know-how, that is transferred directly to your bow hand comfort.

No more ill-fitting grips you need to screw till they break.

As a result, you get better scores and higher enjoyment levels!

Drag and move to see the grip in 3d!

Above model, is the “Tax Evasion” in high. All models fit all available risers. Scroll below for some more samples

More than simple color

Fab-Factor is an additional bonus, considering the material options for 3D manufacturing. With 25 different colors in stock, and more coming in each week, you will shoot fab!

Having a lot of colors is great. But we keep the research going on with new production methods and materials.

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July 20st - August 8th

July 21st - August 10th

It’s time for our summer vacation!

Our e-shop will not be accepting new orders between July 20th and August 8th.

All orders placed prior to that date will be completed by July 31st

Our e-shop will resume regular operation on August 9th. 

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