The “wrap-around”, an experimental CD Archery Grip

Some time ago, I had a special request for a grip, that would cover the riser, all around. The riser was a CD Archery WF.

The archer provided the dimensions this addition should have. He already had some Kydex wrapped around the front half of his default grip, to provide a shelf where his fingers would go.

Modeling such a grip, requires an accurate representation of the riser as well as a simple mechanism to keep the two pieces together, without any extra complexity added to the equation. So, in this solution, to lock the two parts in place without moving while in full draw, the front part is held by the original grip screws.

The wrap-arounds are available as a custom design for all the risers that are available in-shop. This is due to differences between models of the same brand, even when the grips are the same.

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