Personalize your RCore grip with a custom engraving logo

Make your RCore grip truly personal with a custom engraving that stands out. Whether it’s a logo, unique artwork, your team’s name, an initial monogram, or a special message, we can engrave it on your plastic, glass, or wooden grip for a unique touch.


Engraving on Plastic Grips

Elevate your plastic grip with a highly distinctive engraving that not only stands out visually but is also noticeable to the touch. Leave your unique mark that won’t wear away.

Engraved Glass Grips

Discover the elegance of our engraved glass grips. Each intricate marking is crafted with long-lasting enamel paint, custom color-matched to your preference. The result? A smooth, touchable engraving that adds a touch of sophistication to your archery experience.

Wooden Laser Etching

Upgrade your wooden grip with the artistry of laser etching. Our high-powered laser creates a permanent, customizable marking on the grip’s surface. While best suited for lighter-colored woods like irocco and walnut, this technique adds a touch of personalized sophistication to your archery gear.

How do you integrate an engraving on your RCore grip

In the Customization options list, you’ll find a dedicated personalization field. There, you can request the addition of a custom logo to your grip. After submitting your order, you’ll receive an email containing a link to upload the logo. Your design should be monochrome to make sure that the details can be replicated and preferable in an SVG file.