Measuring your riser’s grip interface for verification

In some cases, manufacturers may change their grip interfacing on the risers or, even worse some risers have bad machining, resulting in variation of positioning of key elements (AKA screw holes).

This makes replicating the grip interface difficult and sometimes results in grips that do not fit correctly and are both aesthetically and functionally unpleasant.

For this, in some cases we might need to verify a number or two. You can use the provided form here to enter the results, or just send us photos/numbers by email.

Here is how to measure your riser!

What you’ll need

Best case scenario would be to have a caliper/micrometer but a ruler or even a nicely cut piece of millimeter paper will do.

A protractor may help!

What to measure.

The basic “ingredients” of a grip interface are its width, its angle, the distance of the screw hole from the top and the distance of the screw hole from the palm side as seen below

With a caliper, measuring is quite easy and accurate. Just make sure the contact points are perpendicular to the measured surface:

When measuring distance to holes, you need to measure to the center of the hole as seen below

I don’t have a caliper!!

A ruler will also do. For example, measuring the thickness and hole top offset is shown below.

Additional measurements for extra accuracy

While the above measurements should suffice for verification of basic dimensions (so we can check if one of the RCore fittings matches your riser), you can provide a couple of well-shot photos for extra accuracy.

To do so, you need some millimeter paper (or inch, the unit does not matter). Make sure it is not printed off the internet or, if it is, verify it is dimensionally correct with a ruler, caliper etc.

Then cut a strip of the paper to use in your photos as seen below:

The paper will be used for image calibration so it needs to be shot with as little distortion as possible. This means that you need to zoom in as much as your camera/phone allows for and take the picture from directly above so the plane that is defined by the paper is perpendicular to the line of sight of the camera:

To do so on curved surfaces like the front surface of the riser, use some scotch tape to keep the millimeter paper in place and snap the picture directly from above

Got it! Where do I send the numbers!

You can mail the numbers to us or just fill in the form below and drop us a note that you did!


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