Choosing a Barebow grip: “The Master” vs “I AM. Barebow”

Barebow shooters usually prefer a slightly lower angle for their grips. Usually around 30-34 degrees seem to do the trick of both providing a good pressure point and taking care of the variance in the wrist angle that stringwalking may produce.

I AM. Barebow

The I AM. barebow grip provides a really flat palm area with the rhomboidal pressure point antislip. It also comes with a well-defined edge on the lifeline side. This makes the addition of an extra lifeline ridge, unnecessary as you can always find the reference on the edge. Usually the lifeline ridge is added to more rounded grips.

The Pyramidal antislip is added only on the pressure point (starting 2cm below pivot point). As long as your alignment is correct and relatively closed (angle between body/barrel of the gun and arrow), there will be no left/right slipping.

The I AM. Barebow provides excellent shot feedback!

The Master

The Master, on the other hand, promotes the “pointing with the thumb” shooting (like Brady does) and comes with a default slant on the pressure area. The lifeline edge is also defined and bulges a little. You can feel that small bulge in that pleasurable point at the center of your palm.

The antislip on the Master covers the entire palm area. On glass grips is a fine pyramidal shape that acts almost like skate tape while on plastic grips, the pyramids are a little coarser.

If you add a lifeline ridge on the options, that 0.7mm protrusion will “click” in your lifeline when you set up your position, while it will disappear when at full draw.

The Master is a good all-rounder , that may behave well on less experienced archers too. Provides good placement from the setup position to full draw and good shot feedback


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